Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling Equipment

Optimize throughput to improve your profitability

Productivity and efficiency are critical drivers for profitability within any operation. Material handling equipment helps facilitate the workflow and drive productivity. Every process in a facility that requires material handling is connected to one or more processes. This inter-dependence means that a break in any process eventually affects the whole system and the throughput or capacity of the system is reliant at times on its weakest component. 

The challenge is to equip facilities for maximum efficiency, productivity, and minimal downtime, ensuring that the system is adequately engineered to handle the required throughput and capacities. At the same time, to achieve a reasonable return on investment, the system should not be not be over engineered or cost prohibitive. cam|industrial supply has the experience, expertise, and customer focus to provide value added solutions that make financial sense and achieve the intended result.

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Robotics solutions are now used to handle materials. By eliminating repetitive human tasks such as lifting, picking and packing, these machines are leading a fast-paced move to full automation, speeding up throughput and cost-efficiencies on packaging lines.



Balers are used to recycle, compact, store, handle and transport materials. A solid investment, they can keep your company environmentally friendly, improve efficiencies and increase profitability.


Lifting Equipment

Do you have materials, parts, or equipment that is large, heavy, or awkward and that you need to lift or position within your facility? We work with a wide variety of manufactures and can find an efficient and effective solution for your lifting needs.


Dock Equipment

Warehouses connect to the outside world via loading docks, and throughput can be optimized, or constricted, depending on their design. The right equipment and accessories will help ensure a smooth flow of materials in and out of your facility.