COR Logo A COR (Certificate of Recognition) is awarded to employers who create and maintain saftey programs that align with provincial standards. cam|industrial has been evaluated by a certified auditor to ensure that we are abiding by all health and safety practices in everything we do. Since becoming COR certified, we've experienced improved worker safety, reduced downtime due to lost productivity and replacement worker training, and have significantly reduced our recorded property damages and incident/legal risk investigations.

 linked ISN logo ISN allows cam|industrial to connect with reliable contractors and vendors to build beneficial relationships.  By fostering safe work environments and strong partnerships, cam|industrial will keep current for today's ever changing industrial industry.  

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Being a ComplyWorks member pre-qualifies cam|industrial as a respected and trusted company to work with for contractors and suppliers.

Linked ACSA logo

cam|industrial is pleased to be recognized by the ACSA as an employer that properly treats its employees and abides by all WCB industry codes.

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Being part of the CSSE acknowledges cam|industrial as a partner of proper health and safety within workplace communities.


As a proud member of the EGBC, cam|industrial is recognized as being capable of providing professional engineering services in the province of British Columbia.

"As a member of Engineers and Geoscientists BC, you will represent the highest standards of academic knowledge, work experience, and professionalism in Canada" ~ EGBC

Link to APEGA

cam|industrial is recognized as a member of APEGA - The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.

As a member of this organization, we share their mission statement, that being to "regulate the practices of engineering and geoscience to serve the public interest in Alberta" ~ APEGA

In upholding APEGA's standards and practices, cam|industrial has a "shared commitment to public safety and well-being through the self regulation of the professions".