Employee Development

The cam|industrial supply Vision identifies the superior development of our employees as being our competitive advantage. To achieve this goal we have documented the structure and process that we believe is required to make it a reality. This is not a simple or easy goal to reach or maintain, however, no true competitive advantage is.

Outline and Process

1 Identify the structure necessary to support and fulfill our Vision, Strategies, and Business Plans within each department 6 Provide frequent opportunities for advancement within the company by creating milestones and new positions that are achievable in relatively short intervals
2 Develop an understanding of each employee regarding their career ambitions, family, personal interests and their individual strengths & weaknesses 7 Provide a realistic but challenging set of duties, responsibilities, and workload for each position
3 Use the defined structure to provide an outline of potential career paths within their current department and the company in general 8 Provide a competitive and rewarding compensation structure for each position that recognizes increasing value of each employee as they progress in the company
4 Define the training, education, skills and experience needed for every position 9 Provide flexibility within the structure that allows employees to focus and work on tasks that correspond to their personal strengths
5 Provide a detailed training schedule for each position that evolves from the completion of the existing role into the base criteria for the next desired role 10 Document, recognize, and celebrate every employee’s progression