Our vision

"To lead the Industrial Distribution market in terms of creating and capturing value through superior development of our employees and by enabling them to perform according to our cam|mandments."

Create Ecstatic Customers
Gaining an in-depth understanding of our customer’s needs and expectations is the heart of our business. For every interaction, we will focus on providing solutions that meet our customer’s needs in a manner that exceeds their expectations.

Seek Greatness
We will continually improve each and every aspect of our business and ourselves, building upon our existing knowledge, best practices, and experience. Everything we do today will be done better tomorrow. We have pride in what we do and a passion to be great. Good is our enemy.

Demonstrate Winning Attitudes
We demonstrate through our enthusiasm, positive attitude, and friendly people that we truly enjoy what we do. We are determined and will persevere, realizing sometimes sacrifices are required to succeed. We are competitive people in a competitive industry and we are energized by the challenge.

Work as a Team
We will achieve superior results through the combined efforts of many people working in unity towards a common vision. Our team relies on each other to understand our roles and to perform at the highest possible standard. We learn from our mistakes and accept responsibility as a team. Our team spirit is strengthened by celebrating our successes and by recognizing outstanding individual performances.

Build Strong Relationships
We use open and honest communication as the foundation to build relationships with customers, suppliers, and coworkers and will treat every interaction as an opportunity to build respect, trust, and loyalty. We will invest in relationships that support our vision.

Break New Ground
We will use our experience and knowledge of our customers and the industry to anticipate needs and envision the future. With the right people, supported by continued investments in education, research, and technology we will develop innovative solutions and create new opportunities.

Continually Grow
Growth is both necessary and exciting. It provides our people with new challenges and opportunities for advancement, helping us to recruit and retain talented and ambitious people. Increasing the size and scope of our business enables us to better support our customer’s needs.

Be Profitable
We will ensure profitability by controlling and improving our cost structure and by ensuring that we are fairly compensated for the value we provide to our customers and suppliers. Profit is necessary for survival and our capacity to grow is directly related to our ability to fund it.

Give Back
Our goals are accomplished through the support and efforts of our customers, fellow employees, and our vendors, therefore we will appropriately and generously “give back” to those who contribute to our successes and to the community in general.

Respect and Protect
We will perform all work in a safe manner that respects and protects the livelihood of our employees, customers, and the environment at all times, without exception.