Tytan Brand Logo 

A brand built on QUALITY!

At Cam Industrial, we want our customers to be successful and profitable.  This is why we only sell product that we truly believe offer value and great quality.   TYTAN Brand was founded on these two principles and we strive to bring you the best quality products every day.

Since we began our business in 1978, our customers have always been at the heart of what we do. What ever your company manufactures, services or delivers we offer you products that help your process.  We love to be inspired by our customers, truly understanding what makes them tick. Others may focus on low price, where we focus on the value a product brings.  This includes cost, quality, getting it to you on time and a host of other things.

TYTAN Brand of products is built from years of experience and knowledge.  As we expand our product offering you can put trust in the fact that our products are of high quality and will offer great value!

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