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Design and Maintain a Safe Racking System

Buying and setting up the right pallet racking system as part of your storage solution means ensuring it delivers on employee safety. Let’s take a look at how safety can be optimized during design, installation and maintenance.

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7 Steps to a Racking Permit

In most municipalities, you’ll need a Building Permit to install and use a pallet racking system. This article outlines the steps you need to take to get the permit. If your submission is complete and in accordance with code, it can usually be approved within two to four weeks.

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Used Racking: Buyer Be Aware!

If you search online for used pallet racking, you’ll usually find it, along with good availability from a wide range of sources. The challenge is ensuring it’s safe, scalable and right for you.

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3 Reasons to have your Pallet Racking Inspected

There are three main reasons for having your racking system inspected.
  1. To ensure the safety of your employees
  2. To comply with legal requirements
  3. To comply with insurance requirements

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