Cam Industrial Supply - Case Studies

Case Studies

  When Best Environmental Technologies approached cam|industrial to provide a box that would hold up during packaging and transportation.   Their main goal was to create a box that once in the hands of their end users, would be in good condition and identifiable.  Seemed like a slam dunk… just build a stronger box!  Not so fast. 

  Martin Brower is the world’s largest distributor of products to the world’s largest restaurant company – McDonalds. Martin Brower employs over 3,900 people in 30 distribution centers in 6 countries. There are 7 DC’s in Canada and this case study reviews the challenges and solution brought to the Calgary facility, through cam|industrial supply. Click

  Over the last few months cam|industrial Supply has begun to work with Federated Co-op to create a complete warehouse system. The system is a new type of installation for us because it is a complete horizontal carousel that will be integrated through software to Co-op’s ERP. We are very excited to be working with another company to grow our company abilities. This specific job is like no other for us and will give us the ability and experience to take on similar scenarios in the future. Click