Cam Industrial Supply - Double Deep Pallet Racking

Double Deep Pallet Racking

Double Deep Pallet Racking


Double Deep Racking looks very similar to Selective Racking; however, pallets are stored two units deep instead of one deep.

A specialized Pantograph Reach Trucks (scissor fork extensions shown below) are typically used to store and retrieve pallets on the inner pallet position.



  • Density - Fewer Aisles are required, providing as much as 33% more pallet positions than selective Racking, within the same square footage.
  • Investment - Moderate increase in pallet racking system cost over selective systems
  • Installation - easiest to install with lower tolerances


  • Selectivity – Reduced by up to 50% when the front location is occupied, since the inner pallet cannot be accessed without first removing the front pallet.
  • Inventory Rotation – This is a Last In, First Out (LIFO) storage system since the last pallet loaded occupies the front positions and must be removed before the rear pallet is available.
  • Honeycombing – This is a situation that occurs with all racking systems that store pallets more than one position deep where a pallet position is empty but not useable without mixing SKU’s in the same lane. Mixing SKU’s in the same lane of a double deep system significantly increases the material handling time to retrieve the rear pallet. Leaving the pallet position open reduces the density of the system.
  • Material Handling Equipment – Specialized Reach Trucks or Forklifts are required
  • Visibility – The forklift operator has limited visibility when storing and retrieving the inner pallet, particularly at higher elevations.
  • Trailers cannot be loaded or unloaded with reach trucks so a separate forklift or electric pallet jack is required.


Layout and Equipment Considerations

  • Floor Slab – The capacity and levelness of the slab are typically not an issue
  • Selective Racking can be designed

Best Suited For:

SKU’s with several pallets of inventory that are not highly perishable and do not require FIFO inventory rotation.


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