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Safety Bar Styles

Safety Bars prevent pallets from accidentally falling through the spacing between beams in a racking system. Without safety bars, loads can fall between the beams and become wedged. When this happens, forklift operators often react instinctively with the potential for serious damage to the system and themselves.

Dislodging the pallet typically requires unloading of the product, which can also be difficult and unsafe, particularly when operating at heights. For these reasons Safety Bars are an important component to include when designing a pallet rack storage system for safe operation.

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Clip-In Safety Bars

This style of safety bar is designed to rest on the interior ledge of a roll formed step beam. They lock into place mechanically with prongs that extend into the slots on the beam ledge. There are several brands of racking that have different slot patterns and therefore are not compatible with each other. If you are adding to an existing system, it is important to ensure compatibility.

Safety Bar - Clip-In Style - Cam Industrial Supply

Drop-In Safety Bars

This style of safety bar is designed for use with roll formed box style beams. Cup sizes are typically 40mm for 1.5” deep beams or 50mm for up to 1.9” deep beams. Optionally, they can be secured to the beam with the use of a Tek screw to prevent movement.

Safety Bar - Drop In Style - Cam Industrial Supply

Flanged Safety Bars

Sometimes referred to as “Universal”, this style of safety bar can be used with either box or step beams and also can be secured to the beam face with a Teck screw to prevent movement.

Safety Bar - Flanged Style - Cam Industrial Supply