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Selective Pallet Racking


Selective Pallet Racks are the most common pallet racking system. It is called “Selective” because it provides the highest degree of selectivity of any racking systems. Every pallet or SKU in the system has a “Pick Face”, and is, therefore, always directly accessible. Selective racking provides single deep pallet storage, and can be configured as a single row, or back-to-back rows.


  • Selectivity - 100% access to every SKU or Pallet in the system
  • Inventory Rotation – FIFO is easily achieved through manual procedures or Warehouse Management Systems
  • Material Handling Equipment – No need for specialized forklifts or reach trucks
  • Availability – Components are readily available and often in stock
  • Investment – Requires the least investment in the racking system on a cost per pallet position basis


  • Footprint – Requires the most square footage, which increases construction or leasing costs
  • Density – Provides the least density, i.e. number of pallet positions for a given area
  • Travel Times – More distance to cover for storage and retrieval operations create longer travel times
  • Throughput – More people and equipment may be necessary to obtain the required throughput


Best Suited For

High mix, low volume SKU’s

Layout and Equipment Considerations

Selective Racking can be designed with aisle widths to accommodate a variety of material handling equipment and to achieve greater density.

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA)

Counter Balance Forklift

  • Typical Aisle Width 12 feet or more
  • Density – Approximately 35%

Reach Truck

  • Typical Aisle Width 9 – 10.5 feet
  • Density Approximately 45%

Turret or Articulating Forklifts (VNA)

  • Typical Aisle Width 6 to 7 feet
  • Density Approximately 60%

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