Pallet Wrappers

You often see product that is damaged during transport or storage due to improper packaging and palletizing. These damages are preventable and can be avoided by proper load containment. Pallet wrappers drastically decrease the amount of time it takes to wrap pallets while keeping high consistency. With multiple options available, there is a machine that will dramatically decrease the labour needed to wrap pallets and eliminate future product damage.  

Why Lantech?
Lentech has been in the packaging business since 1972 with substantial experience with pallet containment. cam|industrial pairs well with Lantech based on the key principle to bring the end user the most efficient well priced machines for any situation. 

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These are the most affordable machines offered by cam|industrial and Lantech.  Depending on the model selected you can wrap anywhere from 25-40 pallets an hour. The Q and G series machines are durable and can dramatically increase the speed and consistency of pallet wrapping.

Rotary Arm

These machines offer very similar options and product specs as the turntable but have one additional benefit. They can wrap very heavy or light loads more effectively because they don't move the pallet.  An overhead arm swings around at variable speeds to properly wrap unstable loads.

Fully Automatic

Fully automatic machines can reach up to 200 pallets an hour, wrapping each with consistency and precision.  These machines are commonly rotary arm design but there are other options offered.  If your company is processing hundreds of pallets a day, you need a Fully Automatic wrapper in your process line.