Continued efficiency gains through automation
Industrial robots and robotic arms now perform automatically controlled, reprogrammable tasks on packaging lines. Actions such as picking, placing and assembly are controlled by programmed routines. The cost-saving benefits are obvious. An investment in robotics can position your operation for continued efficiency gains through automation. 

Why Premier Tech?
Robotics solutions are best entrusted to worldwide experts. Premier Tech’s Industrial Equipment Group (IEG) operates in more than 50 countries and has become one of the largest manufacturers of industrial packaging equipment in the world. It is also recognized worldwide as being one of the most innovative companies in packaging, material handling and bulk processing solutions. A decade of proprietary innovation has put Premier Tech in the lead, from where they can empower you.

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Flexible Packaging

Premier Tech offers complete flexible packaging systems, with varying degrees of robotics and automation. Solutions include weighing and feeding, bagging, valve bag packing, palletizing and load securing equipment for almost all industries. 


Rigid Packaging

With Premier Tech's rigid packaging solutions, you can accurately track and pick products robotically from high-speed conveyors and place them into moving cases on packing lines. The RPK Series Robotic Case Packer, for example, improves packaging efficiencies, reliability and throughput.