World-leading industrial robotics have arrived

Cam Industrial brings ABB’s Robotics solutions for manufacturing, fabrication, welding, food processing, packaging, electronics and logistics to Alberta.




Industrial robots perform at high speed, precision and consistency for monotonous, complex or dangerous tasks. They help improve workers’ health, safety and job satisfaction and make manufacturing and product handling more productive and efficient for:

  • material handling and loading

  • assembly

  • packaging

  • palletizing

  • welding

  • bending

  • joining

  • surface finishing


Implementation of robotics-based automation solutions have proven to increase output and product quality, while reducing downtime, operating costs and labour. 


The latest technical advances have made robotics suitable for an increasing range of applications and budgets:

  • Ease of programming with ready-to-use applications
  • Ease of integration into production systems
  • Self-optimization to continuously adjust parameters to real-time conditions
  • Cloud storage of data to apply machine learning and optimize performance


ABB Value Provider - Cam Industrial

As Alberta’s only ABB Value Provider for Robotics, Cam Industrial focuses on building long term relationships by working closely with customers to put in place only the most efficient and cost-effective solutions that will achieve measurable results. Our knowledgeable team provides on-the-ground supply and support to help with every step, ensuring implementation is on track, downtime is minimized and maximum value is gained. 



Are the efficiency, safety and reliability of ABB Robotics right for you?

With a flexible design approach and a wide range of robot sizes and types, we can tailor a solution to suit your application. We also provide training, parts, field service, rebuilding and refurbishment and 24-hour assistance.


Why ABB Industrial Robotics

ABB is a pioneer and leading global supplier of industrial robots and robot software, equipment and complete application solutions with more than 400,000 robots installed in 53 countries around the world. As a global brand, ABB is known for outstanding product quality, first class engineering and technical support from the broadest service network in the industry.


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