Strapping Equipment


During the strapping process, individual parcels, bundles and pallets are secured with polyester and/or polypropylene straps. Strapping equipment is used to dispense, tighten and seal the strapping material for delivery. For higher volumes and special applications, automatic strapping machines are used in-line with conveyor systems.  

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Automatic Machines

With easy integration (in multiple configurations) into fully automatic packaging lines, these jam-resistant, lubrication-free machines are simple to operate and maintain. They deliver safe, reliable and efficient polyester/polypropylene strapping, with state-of-the-art controls and no down time.

Semi Automatic Machines

Semi automatic strapping machines make sense for energy savings and batch-packaging convenience when you operate with frequent start-ups and shutdowns.

Manual Machines

Manual tensioners, sealers and combination tools as well as battery-powered tools are used in the manual strapping process. There are tools for polypropylene, polyester, plastic and steel strapping.