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Project Management

As your project manager, cam|industrial supply will plan, organize, and manage all the various resources to bring about the successful completion of the project’s goals and objectives. Ensuring the project scope is completed within the provided timeline and budget requires the coordination of many inputs, defined responsibilities, and ongoing communication. You can have confidence that your project is being professionally managed, allowing you to continue focusing on your business objectives.

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Needs Analysis

In the Needs Analysis phase, our discussions will be focused on finding out more about your business needs, challenges, and objectives setting the foundation for the work to follow. With over 35 years of experience in the industry we have developed the expertise to ask the right questions; identifying the critical drivers and objectives behind the project as well as the related components of the business where integration is concerned.


We want to know your business constraints, pain, and frustration and also what is working well for you. With this understanding, and your agreement to proceed, priority areas are determined for further investigation and system design.

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System Design

Keeping the critical drivers and objectives identified in the Needs Analysis phase, our next step is to analyze specific data, review the various system options available, compare the options against the critical objectives, short list the options, review layout options, compare costs, and help provide financial justification.

This is typically an iterative approach as the analysis and review bring further questions and considerations forward that need to be addressed. When we have agreed upon the best solution for your facility we move to the next phase.

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The design phase typically involves some engineering along the way; however, in this phase all the details are confirmed to ensure the system meets your needs as well as all regulatory requirements. Detailed drawings, engineering reports and blueprints are produced for your review and agreement, where applicable. Once confirmed, these documents form the basis for manufacturing to proceed.

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A proactive approach to the training process greatly improves the chance of employee adoption and success of the system. Many good projects fail when this step is overlooked or not properly completed. We provide hands on support and training from factory trained personnel to ensure that everyone involved has the knowledge they need to operate the system safely and efficiently. 

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With many years experience in the field and a focus on customer service, you can be assured that our factory trained service personnel will execute your project on time, within budget, and to a professional standard.

Our training initiatives go beyond the technical aspects of the product and include a comprehensive Safety program to mitigate the risk assumed by our customers. Furthermore, we are WCB compliant; ISN approved, and carry extensive liability insurance for your added protection.

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Vendor Selection

Our experience, combined with ongoing vendor performance reviews, has led us to represent manufacturers who provide the most value and who can be relied on to perform as promised. We stand behind and support every product line we represent carrying the ultimate responsibility of ensuring your satisfaction. Vendor selection is critical to the success of the project and sometimes small differences can greatly affect the immediate or long term success of the project. Let us put our experience to work for you!

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