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Our Service Division provides project management services and qualified technicians to perform installation, maintenance, and repair services for a wide variety of industrial assets. Key areas include Storage Equipment, (pallet racking systems, mezzanines, shelving, and automated storage) Material Handling / Facilities Equipment, (conveyors, dock levelers, truck restraints, overhead doors, high speed doors, dock seals) and Packaging Equipment, (pallet wrappers, case erectors, strapping tools & machines, shrink tunnels). Through our service centers located in Calgary and Edmonton, we perform work throughout Alberta and across Canada.

With over 30 years of experience, you can be confident that your project will be completed on time, on budget, and that our work will meet all quality, and safety standards.


Industrial Installation & Relocation Services

Pallet Racking Installation & Relocation

Our crews are highly experienced with both roll formed and structural racking and all types of pallet racking systems and brands. Our racking installation projects have ranged from erecting a few bays for a local retailer to contract work for large multi-national racking manufacturers involving several million pounds of steel.

Racking systems are governed under CSA and the installation must meet the specific tolerances and standards to be safe. Two CSA standards apply to pallet racking, CSA A344.1-05 User Guide for Steel Storage Racks, and 
CSA A344.2-05 Standard for the Design and Construction of Steel Storage Racks.

If your municipality requires a permit for the racking system then City Inspectors will review the system, to ensure it meets code, before approving your permit and allowing it to be used. We can provide professional pallet racking inspections to verify that the racking had been installed correctly and according to engineered drawings. 


We will also reconfigure or relocate your existing system. If you have an upcoming warehouse move, we can tear down your existing racking, bundle, ship, and reinstall your racking system at your new location. We can also help coordinate the logistics of the move and manage the permitting process for you as required.





Mezzanine Installation

Mezzanine Installation Mezzanines typically support people and materials. Proper installation is critical for safety reasons and therefore they should only be erected by qualified installers.

With over 35 years’ experience in the industry, our crews are capable of installing structural mezzanines as well as shelving supported and rack supported mezzanines and catwalks systems.

Mezzanine Installation image 2If you have an upcoming warehouse move, we can tear down your mezzanine, bundle, ship, and reinstall it at your new location. We can also help coordinate the logistics of the move and manage the permitting process for you as required.





Shelving Installation

Shelving InstallationOur installation crews are familiar with all kinds of industrial shelving systems and brands, so we can install it properly and efficiently. From simple single tier systems to multi-level catwalk or mezzanine systems, we can help. We can also help, if you have an existing shelving system that you need to tear down or relocate.




Automated Storage and Retrieval System Installation

Hanel InstallationWe have been installing various types of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, ( ASRS ), for more than 20 years.  Our installation teams are experienced with Vertical Lift Modules, (VLM’s), Vertical Carousels, Horizontal Carousels, Mini-load, and Pallet Load systems. 

Automated Storage Installation image 1Automated Storage Installation image 2We understand the precise tolerances required for automated systems and can provide the process controls and workmanship necessary to meet those tolerances. The integration of electrical and mechanical systems adds a degree of complexity and therefore a need for experienced technicians, such as ours. Our project management people will provide a single point of contact with ongoing communication to ensure the work is performed on time and on budget. 







Dock Equipment Installation

Whether you are planning new construction or upgrading an existing facility, we can supply and install and types of dock equipment such as; dock levelers, truck restraints, door seals, truck shelters, overhead doors, high speed doors, and dock accessories such as dock bumpers, dock lights, bollards, and barrier systems. 

If you are upgrading your existing facility, we will provide a turnkey solution including the removal and disposal of existing equipment, concrete work, electrical work, as well as the supply and installation of the new equipment.

High Speed Rollup DoorOverhead DoorsDock Equipment Installation

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor System InstallationFrom basic gravity roller beds to high speed sortation and accumulation systems, we have the experienced technicians, process controls, and quality workmanship necessary to ensure your conveyor system operates as it is designed. 

Our project management people will provide a single point of contact with ongoing communication to ensure the work is performed on time and on budget. 




Pallet Racking Inspections image

Pallet Racking Inspections

cam|industrial offers complete, professionally engineered pallet racking inspections. According to CSA guidelines, pallet racking inspections must be carried out by a trained technician no more than 12 months apart, which is where we come in. Additionally, our service engineers can show you how to conduct your own monthly inspections to ensure nothing has gone awry between your annual professional inspections.

Our inspections will ensure you have your employees and facilities protected, that you comply with legal requirements outlined by the Criminal Code, OH&S, CSA, and COR, and that you comploy with insurance requirements. See our online article on why pallet racking inspections are a must for you and your facility.


Setup, Preventative Maintenance, and Repair Services

We will setup, maintain, and repair any equipment that we supply as well as many other brands or types of equipment. 


Pallet Racking Repair and Replacement

Our repair and replacement services are tailored to your facility's needs. We offer anything from traditional racking replacements and preventative products, to permanent repair solutions with Damotech. Our engineers can recommend several solutions for your damaged racking, as well as identify where your system could be further compromised by doing an inspection of your racking system. Our article on maintaining a safe racking system further outlines the importance of racking safety in the workplace.


As mentioned above, we have a partnership with Damotech, and provide everything listed in their online brochure right here at cam|industrial. Our Turnkey Solution approach will make sure you're taken care of from start to finish with Damotech products. Our technicians are factory trained and certified by Damotech, and can confidently provide recommendations and solutions to your repair needs.

Check out our pallet racking repair page for more information.


Asset Management Program

Under our Asset Management Program, we will track your equipment by Location and Serial Number, recording key information about the service record for each asset and the parts consumed. Reports are available at any time detailing the service dates, work performed, the technician who performed the work, and the parts used. 

Our technicians are connected in the field and can also view the service record of your assets, so if we get an emergency call, we know the details of the equipment before we get on site and are prepared to perform the work. 

We will customize a maintenance program that works for you. We can be flexible in terms of frequency, scheduling, parts inventory, and will work within your budget. Contact us for more information. 


We have an extensive inventory of parts for our equipment in the field and can source parts for most anything. We can also create a customer specific parts inventory to service critical items. We understand the urgency required when equipment is down and parts are required. 

Type of Equipment  Our Brands   Other Brands Serviced
 Dock Levelers  Kelley, Serco, Nordock  Kelley, Serco, Nordock
 Truck Restraints  Kelley, Serco, Nordock, Superseal  Blue Giant, Pentalift, Rite-Hite
 Dock Seals & Truck Shelters  Kelley, Serco, Nordock, Superseal  Blue Giant, Pentalift, Rite-Hite
 Overhead Doors  TKO, Steelcraft, Wayne-Dalton  Overhead Doors, C.H.I.
 Air Curtains  Enershield  
 High Speed Doors  Albany, Assa Abloy  Rytec, Rite-Hite
 Roll Formed Pallet Racking  Redirack, Unirak, Maxirack  North American, Centennial, Mastorak, Mecalux
 Structural Pallet Racking  Cosme, Frazier, Advanced  Konstant, North American
 Vertical Lift Modules, VLM's  Hanel Lean Lift  
 Vertical Carousels  Hanel Rotomat  
 Horizontal Carousels  System Logistics  White, Remstar
 Stretch Wrappers  Lantech  Cousins, Orion, Phoenix, Wulftec
 Case Erectors  Wexxar, Bel / Belcor, 3M, Lantech  
 Case Sealers  Wexxar, Bel / Belcor, 3M, Lantech  
 Strapping Tools  Polychem  Fromm, Signode, Orgapack
 Labeling Equipment  Domino  
 Vacuum Lifts  Tawi  
 Shelving  Metalware, Schaefer  E-Z-rect, Easy Up, Rouseau
 Conveyor Systems  Univeyor, Wecon, Hytrol  Interoll, Dematic



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