Stock and Ship Program

Value Added SolutionsSpace is a huge issue for most companies and with the price to rent, build or buy more space or to even find some available is just not possible in most cases. Company’s like yourself use precious space for shipping supplies when it could be better utilized for revenue generating activities such as production. cam|industrial has come up with a great solution for our customers, We call it the Stock and Ship.

How it works.

We stock any product such as corrugate boxes, tape or adhesive in our facility until you are able to use it. At that point you know that your product is safe and is only a call away. The stock and ship is beneficial to you not only because you don't need to worry about waiting on ordered product but it saves your business space.

Where do you currently store your boxes?

In your warehouse aisles or in a room that could be better utilized... Let us take your inventory over and supply you with a smaller amount in monthly, weekly or even daily increments if needed. This frees up space and in some instances we have even saved our customers from needing to move into another facility.

Another benefit of the stock and ship is order breaks.

We allow you to order in higher quantities but don't require you to take all of the stock at once. Instead of ordering 1000 boxes at a certain higher price, order 5000 at a reduced price but only take the 1000 you need right away. Our plan to provide comprehensive supply chain management includes:

- Order taking, for next day delivery Our inside sales team can receive orders taken by phone, fax, email or on-line - Order fulfillment is handled by our own certified material handlers, who handle your corrugate with the care it deserves

- Delivery Courteous, punctual, friendly, accurate and dependable

- Inventory Control set minimum maximum, cycle counts, extra attention and monitoring trends in demand

- Cam does not require full payment before the order is run, allowing you to hold on to your money longer

 for more information about our Stock and Ship program.