Value Added Solutions Logocam|industrial supply provides a full range of system related products and services for customers who desire Turnkey Solutions. We can provide everything from start to finish including; Design, Engineering, Permitting, Material Supply, Project Management, Installation, Preventative Maintenance and Repair. While similar products and services are available elsewhere, where we stand apart is in our business approach, the additional services we offer, and the customer experience we deliver.

In short, while we have products and services available, we are not simply in the business of selling products and services. Instead, we are in the business of creating value for our business partners, using our experience and expertise to properly align various products and services to achieve that goal. We believe this to be a substantially different approach, since we are customer focused, not product focused.

Our Process

Our process is thorough and relies on dialog, resulting in solutions that provide higher value in the long term. The phases and services described here are based on more complex situations which may involve several meetings over a period of time; however, this process may be completed in a very short time for less complex projects.

1) Needs Analysis Phase

In the Needs Analysis phase, our discussions will be focused on finding out more about your business needs, challenges, and objectives. We want to know your business constraints, pain, and frustration and also what is working well for you. With this understanding, and your agreement to proceed, priority areas are determined for further investigation.

We work with customers across many different industries and market segments and this diversity exposes our people to best practices that will create value for your business. This experience, combined with our wide range of products and services, allows us to find the best solutions for your business.

2) Investigation Phase

In this phase we dig deeper into the identified priorities to assess the associated implications of the current situation, processes, and products in use. Here we will meet and interview the relevant people, observe operations, analyze specific data, calculate costs, and document our findings for your review.  In more complex situations, this phase will typically be repeated as the analysis and review bring further questions and considerations forward that need to be addressed.  With an understanding of the impact of the current situation, possible solutions are identified and assessed for feasibility with respect to performance and financial justification.

3) Evaluation and Testing Phase

In this phase the potential solutions identified earlier are evaluated further and, where possible, tested in the operation to ensure results are as expected. This process gets operations people familiar with the anticipated change and allows them to provide feedback. This is a critical step as considerations that may have been overlooked will likely be discovered at this point, allowing for modifications to improve the solution. Additionally, since there is a natural reluctance towards change; involving the people who will be most involved in the change helps with adoption.

4) Proposal

When all parties are confident that a viable solution has been found, we will document it in a proposal detailing the financial justification and expected results. The proposal will show how the solutions selected address the needs, challenges, and objectives identified in the Needs Analysis phase. The proposal creates accountability going forward and is intended to be reviewed at a later date to ensure the expected results have been achieved.

5) Vendor Selection and Supply
Our experience, combined with ongoing vendor performance reviews, has led us to represent manufacturers who provide the most value and can be relied on to perform as promised. We stand behind and guarantee every product line we represent.

Our first cam|mandment is to “Create Ecstatic Customers” which is a very high standard to achieve. To accomplish this goal requires the ability to create value, as described earlier and also operational and customer service excellence. In short, it means getting everything right the first time and with enthusiasm. Every sales line and order in our system is tracked and reported with respect to accuracy, fulfillment, and timeliness to ensure operational targets are met.

6) Implementation and Training

A proactive approach to the implementation and training process greatly improves the chance of employee adoption and success of the program. Many good ideas fail when this step is overlooked or done poorly. We provide hands on support and training to ensure that everyone involved has the knowledge to operate safely and efficiently.


Accurate and timely communication is critical to the success of any project. With many people and companies often involved, our responsibility is to coordinate this communication on a proactive basis in order to utilize everyone’s time effectively and ensure the desired results of the project are achieved.


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