Pallet Racking Repair in Calgary and Edmonton

Keep your racking safe and secure with repairs or replacements.


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Most warehouse and distribution facility racking become damaged over time. Typically, this pallet racking damage occurs at lower heights from forklifts, reach trucks, and other equipment. This compromises the load-bearing qualities of the racking system, and leaves you at the risk of rack failures and rack collapses. If you find the need for racking repairs, cam|industrial supply has several solutions to your needs.


NOTE: To better identify where your system could be compromised, an annual racking system inspection is recommended by the CSA Guide.


Traditional racking repair involves unloading all products from your damaged racking, disassembling the racking system, and replacing the system with new racking. Repairing your racking this way can result in disruptions in the workplace. You can experience some bottlenecks in your processes, and your productivity for the duration of the racking repair will be affected.

For some small repairs, this can sometimes be a more cost effective option; however, it isn't permanent. Simply replacing the racking will likely mean you're using the same lighter-gauge steel as the original system (lighter steel = higher gauge, and vice-versa). As you've likely found out, this is susceptible to future damages from your equipment.

You can contact us for more information and quotes on this style of racking repair/replacement..


Damaged Racking Upright Image Repaired Racking Using DamotechWe’ve recently partnered with the largest rack repair specialists in North America: Damotech. Damotech is a one-time fix for racking damage, and restores the original load-bearing capabilities of the racking system without reconfiguring your racking.

Damotech provides a lifetime warranty against impact with their DamoPro and DamoPro DBRS lines, though there are several different styles offered. Each style is easily customized to fit any type of racking system and can accommodate multiple levels of beams, all while maintaining the safety of your original system.

Contact us to request a quote or find more information on the different Damotech styles and rack repair configurations offered by cam|industrial supply.



This video gives a quick demonstration on how the Damotech system can work in your facility.


The non-invasive Damotech procedure is faster than replacing an end frame, and restores your system to original capacity.

Replacement components are manufactured with heavy duty structural steel channel and tubing vs. thin gauge roll formed steel. Thin gauge is typically used by racking manufacturers, providing exponentially lower impact resistance as shown in the video above. Damaged frame sections can usually be replaced without removing beam levels above the repair, and typically require little to no unloading. The bolt-on design eliminates the need for on-site welding, allowing installation in any environment, including freezers. 

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Other Products

Damo Superguard ImageDamo Guide ImageIn addition to their repair products, we also offer damage prevention products and accessories through Damotech for your facility’s racking needs. Such products range from post reinforcements and upright guards, to aisle guides and pallet stoppers. Consult with a cam|industrial representative for more information.

If you experience recurring damages in your facility, cam|industrial can provide full inspections of your pallet racking. By doing this, we can identify where racking repairs could be done, as well as provide areas where Damotech products could be strategically installed.

Browse their online brochure for a more detailed list of their product lines. You can also search our catalogue for other anything else you might need.


Turnkey Solutions

With the Turnkey Solution approach to our services, we will be with you from start to finish in this process. Our industry professionals are factory trained and certified by Damotech, and can confidently provide recommendations and solutions to your repair needs.

Value Added Solutions LogoIf you are unsure of the condition of your racking system, we can also offer full racking system inspections, and our technicians can suggest other places where we can help to ensure the safety of your customers, employees, and guarantee the longevity of your racking system.


To see a complete list of Damotech products available through cam|industrial supply, contact us with your information and quote inquiries.


 for quotes and more information on Damotech.




How long does Damotech take to install?

Though it is case-dependant, Damotech is a very non-invasive procedure, and usually takes under an hour for the repairs to be completed.


How much will I need to unload from my racking for the repairs to take place?

That depends. If you're replacing your racking, all products will need to be removed for work to be completed. With Damotech: virtually none. Our technicians are trained with special lifting equipment that enables us to do all the repairs needed with little to no unloading.


Is racking repair expensive?

Depending on the extent of the damage, typically no. Replacing a couple racking uprights is relatively inexpensive, though it is replaced using the same material as was manufactured, meaning it can be damaged just as easily as before. Damotech, though more expensive than the original racking, is a permanent fix to the system, which means you save money over time.


How will I know if my racking needs repairs or replacement?

Though you can do a baseline inspection on your own, cam|industrial supply offers complete racking system inspections that comply with CSA, OH&S, and COR standards. Our engineers can provide extremely thorough reports of your system that identify where your racking is up to code, as well as where it could require replacement or repair. Read our article on pallet racking inspections for more information.


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