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Used Equipment

Safety FLYER featureD products


Ceramic Heater

sale Price: $72.90

save $21.91

Two heat settings (1500W and 900W), adjustable thermostat with a big carry handle. Adjustable vertical tilt angle. Min BTU/H Rating: 2560, Max BTU/H Rating: 5200. Voltage: 120.

Model # EA650



sale Price: 37.95

save $16.24

Single solution kills and prevents mold. No bleach, ammonia or VOCs. DIN-registered for fungicide and fungistat. Requires zero isolation time and has no odour. 3.78 L jugs.

Model # JL775


Monoxide Monitor

sale Price: $239.00

save $26.00

With Temperature and humidity readings. Large LCD display, built in clock and calendar and max hold function and user-adjustable alarm limit. Can be mounted on wall or on desktop.

Model # IB911


Eyewear sanitizing station

sale Price: $875.00

save $200.00

Sanitizes up to 36 glasses in 15 minutes. 25W UVC light  kills 100% of germs on glasses. Ultraviolet Germicidal Florescent lamp operates when door is closed & locked. 

Model # SGU559

Q4 Safety Flyer

Sale Pricing ends Dec 31. , 2021

Material Handling FLYER featured products



sale Price: $32.70

save $27.25

Designed to fit curvature of tire for a strong grip. Extra heavy duty laminated rubber and steel construction for use with utility trucks and equipment. Load capacity up to 40,000 lbs.

Model # KH603



sale Price: $447.00

save $173.00

Designed for easy assembly. One-piece base serves as additional shelf. locking handle for added security. 4 shelves, colour grey made out of steel. Multiple sizes and capacities available.

Model # FN426



sale Price: $30.99

save $13.26

Polypropylene blade on edge of shovel. Steel handle with D grip. Model # NM812 includes a steel wear strip. Heavy duty shovel to tackle the snow. Be prepared before the snow falls. 

Model # NM811

pallet lifter

sale Price: $1,796.00

save $944.00

Shock absorbent with heavy-duty springs. Rotating top minimizes worker movement. Ergonomic design helps prevent injury. Forklift pockets for easy relocation. Capacity 4,400 lbs.

Model # MO787

Q4 Material Handling Flyer

Sale ends dec 24, 2021


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