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Engineered Slabs, Core Samples & Analysis
If you are planning a foundation, or facility with a concrete slab, double check, (and get it in writing), that the slab is adequately engineered for your specific load requirements. Don’t assume the “typical” slab will be adequate. Once the slab has been poured, there is little that can be done if the designed capacity is insufficient to accommodate the required loads. Unfortunately, with taller buildings and higher density storage systems, this has become a recurring issue with big cost implications. Ensure your long-term investment will meet your requirements with an engineered slab design.

Concrete Slab Analysis

If the concrete slab already exists, but you are not sure what it can support, we can help. This is common occurrence when occupying a new facility or searching for one. Don’t assume the existing slab will be adequate, often it is not, and the implications can be devastating if you have already signed the lease or purchased the building. If structural drawings for the slab are available, our engineers will review the data and determine the slab’s capacity. If not, we can take and analyze core samples to determine the concrete specifications. The geotechnical information, soil classification, and seismic rating of the area can have a major impact on the slab capacity and may need to be considered as well.

Concrete Slab Engineer Stamped Capacity Letter

When submitting a permit, you may require an Engineer stamped letter stating the capacity of a concrete slab is adequate for the intended loads. Structures such as Pallet Racking, Mezzanines, and Cranes typically require permits and a stamped letter regarding the concrete slab. Our engineers can help you with this and advise or assist you with the permit process if required.

Concrete Slab Floor Scanner

Before drilling into your concrete you should perform a floor scan. With floor scans, you can quickly identify any hidden objects embedded in the concrete floor that could interfere with installation, without causing any damage.  The floor scan report will detect any hidden:
  • Utilities: such as drainpipes to avoid leakage
  • Electrical Wiring: to prevent any power outrages
  • Post tension Cables: to prevent workers from working near the area
  • Rebars: to avoid drilling into reinforced steel


  • Generates accurate images/dimensions of hidden objects in real time for direct on-site assessment
  • Three mode options to choose from: Quickscan recording, Quickscan detection and Imagescan
  • Provides dimensions of hidden objects relative to other internal elements
  • Presents images in 2D & 3D for simple object detection
  • Hundreds of square meters of concrete can be examined in a day based on the selection of scan
Schedule a floor scan with our engineer to identify concrete’s contents before drilling or cutting.

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