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Pallet Racking Regulations

As a business owner, or as a person with responsibility for a pallet rack system within a business, you should be aware of the regulations governing these structures. The regulations have been established by industry experts and professionals and outline the requirements to ensure consistent safe practices, mitigate hazards, and prevent accidents.

The laws, regulations and building codes for a pallet racking system vary from province to province and each municipality. Select a province below to view a summary of the pallet rack regulations and links to each provinces’ building codes.

The best way to ensure safety and protect yourself from liability is through compliance with all relevant regulations and through regular pallet rack inspections to maintain compliance over time. The expert team at cam|industrial is here to help.

Provincial Pallet Rack Regulations

Federal Pallet Rack Regulations


Get Help When you Need it

Most businesses need help with more than just their annual expert inspection.  At cam|industrial, we partner with companies to support all their pallet racking needs from annual inspections, assessing and repairing damage, and designing systems that help you as your needs change.  Email us today with any questions or to find out more.