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Pallet Racking’s purpose is to provide efficient and cost-effective storage and retrieval of inventory and materials that are required to support the business operations. A quality pallet racking system is efficient and decreases overall handling costs within any organization. Pallet rack storage systems are the most widely used form of storage system with the strongest versatility.

Design Considerations

Racking is one component within your material handling, storage system, and facility plan. As such, the design on the racking structure must:

  • Be compatible with existing or planned material handling equipment
  • Consider the facility design constraints, capacities, and infrastructure
  • Be compliant with regulations, codes and standards
  • Facilitate and support the business processes, workflow, and productivity demands of the business

Collaborative Process

Our design process starts by understanding and defining your requirements and processes. Our collaborative approach ensures client input and approval at every stage, from conceptual CAD drawings through to final implementation and sign off. We will design a course of action to suit your every need.

In-House Design Team

Our Engineers and CAD designers are an integral part of the project collaboration effort. Working with our sales consultants, or the client directly, they turn ideas and concepts into detailed designs that will meet the customer needs, work within the facility, and fulfill all regulatory requirements.

Experience Matters

cam|industrial is a “mid-size” team of highly experienced material handling professionals, having completed thousands of racking projects across Canada and Internationally since 1979. This extensive experience allows us to thoroughly and efficiently assess customer requirements and provide the best possible design, a design that is based on experience but fitted to the client’s specific needs. With our dedicated engineering team by your side you can be sure to lower overall in house costs and ensure your following all permit regulations which is an integral part of any pallet racking project.

Project Diversity

Many clients contact us with significant, challenging, or very specialized needs, due to our reputation for problem solving. We have designed, engineered, and constructed racking systems for the harshest environments and most difficult products. At the same time, we are routinely working with clients who have very modest and straightforward requirements. No matter your budget, we can assist you with building a rack storage system for your warehouse space that meets your needs.

Typical Design and Engineering Services

  • “As Built” CAD drawings of existing systems
  • Conceptual or Preliminary CAD Drawings
  • Engineer Stamped CAD Racking Layouts and Elevation Drawings
  • Engineered Outdoor Cantilever Rack Structures
  • Engineered Outdoor Pallet Rack Structures
  • Engineer Stamped Pallet Racking Inspections
  • Seismic Rack Calculations
  • Pallet Rack Permitting

Let us help!

You have many considerations when purchasing racking. We have new and used racking available and can assist you through the entire process including; the design and layout of your warehouse, inspecting existing or used racking, engineering and design, permitting, and installation. Email us to start the conversation, we would love to contribute to your project.