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Our project management team will plan, organize and manage all the resources to bring about the successful attainment of your project’s goals and objectives. Their job is to ensure the project is completed safely, on-time, within budget, and as promised. While this is “easily said”, it is challenging to execute and requires the coordination of many inputs with clear communication regarding responsibilities.  

Our project management approach ensures that your solution is: 

SafeEarning a Certificate of Recognition (COR) shows that our health and safety management system has been evaluated by a certified auditor and meets the provincial standards outlined by Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and CSAOur Safety Management system ensures that safe work procedures are in place for the work being performed with field level and job level hazards being identified and addressed prior to starting work. Our teams are well-trained and our management processes professional. 
On timeWe understand the importance of meeting commitments and deadlines, so you can meet your commitments and business objectives. Through a collaborative process we will create a project plan that includes a project overview, detailed scope of workbreakdown of activities and tasks with timelines, responsibility assignment, identification of risks, and success criterial or KPI’s.  

The project plan sets us up for success, however the true test of project management comes when the plan needs to respond to change. It is essential to understand the interdependencies within the project and how change in one component will impact other components and the overall schedule. We have the experienceingenuity, and diligence needed to resolve issues and bring the project back on track. 

On budgetWhen you commit to a project, you want as much certainty as possible regarding the costs and risks. Being thorough in the project planning and design phase improves accuracy of the budget and helps to eliminate oversights and surprises that could impact it. A proper approval and change order process, from design through construction, provides the necessary controls to maintain the budget.   

If a change order is required during a project, we will ensure that new directions are well-documented, properly scoped, accurately explained in terms of any additional costs that may be required. 

As Promised: You expect quality materialsconstructed with expert workmanship, so the solution works as intended and agreed upon. That is what we promise to deliver


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cam|industrial provides complete turnkey solutions that always keep pallet rack safety at the forefront. Whether you’re just starting your project or are in the finishing stages, we provide design, engineering, racking permits, material supply, project management, installation, preventative maintenance, pallet racking inspections, and racking repairs. Send us your requirements and specifications to get the conversation started.