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Know Your Pallet Racking Capacity

Pallet Racking Capacity Calculations

It is important to know the capacity of your pallet racking system, in fact, it is required by law. View Pallet Rack Regulations for more information on Federal and Provincial requirements and codes.

OHS Section 187 (2) states “an employer must ensure that the racks used to store materials or equipment:  

A) are designed, constructed, and maintained to support the load placed on them.
B) are placed on a firm foundation that can support the load

It is not possible to ensure a racking system can support a load, without knowing what the rack is capable of.  Organizations are required to adhere to various building codes and municipal regulations with respect to the design, assembly, capacity, and maintenance of pallet racking storage structures.

Some important considerations regarding racking capacities 

  • If you have modified the system in any way since its original design or installation, the capacity could have changed and should be re-engineered 
  • Capacities will decrease with age and damages 
  • Systems cannot be “grandfathered” and just because it has not failed does not mean it is adequate 
  • You will require an engineer stamped letter, stating the capacity of the system, whenever you apply for a racking permit. 
  • A permit is required in most municipalities whenever moving your existing racking or erecting a new system that will have product storage over 12 feet.  
  • You will also need to know the capacity of your concrete slab 

Steps to calculating the capacity of an existing racking system: 

  • Locate the original drawings and engineering information, if available 
  • If not available, manufacture component specifications will be needed 
  • Arrange for an inspection 
  • it will need to be inspected to assess damages and proper installation 
  • Beam elevations will need to be confirmed and documented 
  • The frame layout will need to be assessed 
  • An engineer will use this information to calculate the capacity of the system and the point loads being transferred to the slab 

It is also very important to verify the concrete slab is adequate for the point loads of the systemparticularly if you are considering relocating the system to a new location.


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