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Racking Inspections

Your Pallet Rack inspection experts

cam|industrial offers professional pallet racking inspections in Calgary, Edmonton and all of Western Canada. Monthly and yearly inspections and repairs in your warehouse are important elements in maintaining a safe racking system. If you’re unsure if you need an inspection, see our article for an in-depth look at the importance of regular inspections and the insurance and legal requirements surrounding your pallet rack system.

As a member of the EGBC (British Columbia), APEGA (Alberta), and APEGM (Manitoba) organizations, our engineering services are recognized across Western Canada as being of premier quality and practice. As a permit holder in these organizations, we at cam|industrial have a responsibility to uphold the highest of standards in our engineering work. The safety of your facility is our number one priority, and your inspections will be completed with the utmost care and accuracy.


Employer responsibilities for workplace safety and pallet racking storage structures are governed by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation, and Code; as well as the Criminal Code. Organizations are required to adhere to various building codes and municipal regulations with respect to the assembly and maintenance of pallet racking storage structures.

Keep in mind that employers and workers are required to assess a work site and identify existing or potential hazards before work begins – such as improper stacking, storing and /or securing goods on pallets and storage racks. Workers responsible for stacking, storing, or securing goods, materials, and equipment on pallets and storage racks must be trained in the safe methods for doing so.

View Pallet Rack Regulations for more information on Federal and Provincial requirements and codes.


The extent of work required at your facility will depend on your existing documentation, racking configuration, rack condition, product mix, and your comfort level of risk tolerance to ensure the system is safe.

The first step is to determine what information and documentation you already have, the size of the project, and your needs. From there, we will provide a proposal to do the work.

A thorough inspection will be carried out to confirm the details of your system and identify deficiencies.

Drawings will be updated or created, and system capacities will be calculated based on the field inspection data.

A detailed report will be provided from our engineering group that includes: drawings, capacities, engineering notes, deficiency list with images, material take off for repairs and replacement components, and a quotation to supply and install the replacement components.

If you proceed with the recommended repairs, we will supply and install all components.

If repairs have been performed by a cam|industrial expert, the workmanship of your setup will be reviewed by our engineering group.

Your report will be updated to identify the repairs that have been completed and will then be stamped by our engineer group.

In between yearly expert inspections, owners should perform regular inspections on a monthly basis as well.


According to CSA requirements, yes. A specialist must carry out inspections at intervals of no more than 12 months. Find the complete CSA guide here.

Our trained professional will visit your site – they will assess any past documentation and conduct the inspection – create and/or update facility drawings – confirm and determine your system’s capacity – we will certify your racking – the repair and replacement of any damaged racking will then take place – finishing with the generation of reports.

Yes. In accordance with the CSA User Guide for Steel Storage Racks, the person responsible for storage equipment safety must ensure that inspections are made on regular intervals based on risk assessment.

No. While you can do your own weekly visual inspections, it is recommended that this is carried out by a cam|industrial employee with proper training.

True, the price of an annual inspection can seem pretty steep, but it is far less than the price of a human life.

According to the National Safety Council, a worker injury brings on immediate costs of OVER $200,000 to the person responsible (not to mention WCB, OH&S fines, the bad press, and the damaged reputation built around it).

Yes, here at cam|industrial, we can help you with any racking repair you may need, and can easily replace racking with the same equipment as your original system. We have also partnered with Damotech to provide you with a permanent repair solution on your system. Check out our pallet racking repair page for more information.


Get Help When you Need it

Most businesses need help with more than just their annual expert inspection.  At cam|industrial, we partner with companies to support all their pallet racking needs from annual inspections, assessing and repairing damage, and designing systems that help you as your needs change.  Email us today with any questions or to find out more.