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Boost productivity and accuracy, while maximizing storage space and saving on labour costs. The Hanel Lean-Lift is an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) that operates vertically within a tall, temperature-controlled enclosure.

How it works: The Lean-Lift system features robotic extractors that retrieve items from storage trays, optimizing storage space while ensuring quick and efficient access to stored items of various sizes.

It offers a compact design and can be fully customized with various types of multi-function storage carriers, as well as a wide range of color options to suit your specific needs.

The Mechanics & Operation

With the Hanel Lean-Lift® an operator places item(s) on a shelf that is positioned at the workstation inside the storage tower. A chain drive mechanism then pulls the shelf from the workstation and into the center of the storage tower and onto the “extractor”.

As the shelf is pulled onto the extractor, sensors read the height of the materials stored on the shelf and a controller uses this information to determine how many slots will be required to store the shelf in the tower and at the same time locates an opening inside the tower where the shelf will fit. Then, similar to an elevator, the extractor takes the shelf up or down the shaft of the tower to the available opening for that shelf and the chain drive pushes the shelf onto guides that will hold the shelf until it is needed again.

Shelves are stored at both the front and back of the tower and the controller keeps track of the storage location of all shelves, the items on every shelf, and the bin location of every item on every shelf. When an item or shelf is required, the controller sends the extractor to bring the shelf to the operator at the workstation, who is able to pick the item at a comfortable and ergonomic height. Users can request stored items or specific shelves directly from the Controller. Transactions or orders can also be sent from a host system to the network processing at the machine controller. The controller locates the requested items and seamlessly delivers the required shelf to the workstation for operator processing.

Controllers & Software

The Hanel’s VLM is configured with a built in controller. This robust and compact unit, with embedded firmware, incorporates all the control systems for the lift and manages inventory. No additional computer or software is needed for standard functionality. Each VLM can operate on a “stand-alone” basis, or multiple machines can be networked together to provide visibility of inventory and machine status across multiple machines at any connected controller. For more advanced functionality requirements, HanelSoft® Storage Software is available.

Integration to Host Systems

An individual Lean-lift or a full network of Lean-lifts can quite easily be integrated with a higher-level host ERP or WMS system. The web service-based technology enables a link between the host, (SAP for example) and the controller without the need for middleware.

Lean-Lift® Components

Lean-Lift Numbered

1. HÄnel Lean-Lift® Principle

Vertical lift technology

2. The Vertical Carriage

Called the “extractor” which stores and retrieves the goods

3. 4-Chain System

For optimum extractor guidance

4. HÄnel's High-performance Drive

For fast traversing speeds

5. Frequency Converter with HÄnel EcoDrive®

Soft start control and energy recovery

6. Integrated Slot Profile

For heigh-optimized assignment of the containers

7. Storage Location

With stationary goods

8. Container

Tray for holding and transporting the goods

9. Access Point

At ergonomic retrieval height

For precisely determining the article heights

Compliant with DIN EN 15095

For inventory protection

Conveniently at the side

The electronics are neatly housed

50% more abrasion-resistant 

Lean-Lift® Components

Optional Components

Configuration Options

Shelf Configuration & Customization

Environmental Options

Lean-Lift® Specifications


Increase floor space, inventory accuracy & productivity.

With a flexible design approach and a wide range solutions available, we can tailor a system to suit your application. We also provide engineering & design, training, parts, inspections and preventative maintenance scheduling and 24-hour assistance.