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Optimize Goods-to-Person Order Fulfillment

The Opex Perfect Pick system is an automated storage and retrieval system that goods-to-person order fulfillment solution that manages inventory, optimizes picking routes, and coordinates the movements of the robotic picking vehicles. The system is designed to scale with the growing needs of the warehouse or distribution center, allowing for easy expansion and integration with existing operations.

It utilizes robotic technology, including its own unique autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), to swiftly handle item picking and packing. By seamlessly integrating software, robots, conveyors, and storage, the process is streamlined, and resulting in greater efficiency.

How it works: (Storing to Picking)

Cortex ECS – Pick to Light

The order fulfillment process begins with the Cortex Pick-to-Light technology. When an order is received, the system directs the picker to specific items using coloured lights. Based on the colour of the light, the picker can locate the designated storage locations. 

Delivery Robots (iBots)

Once the picker has gathered the items, they are placed into totes or containers. These totes are then transported by delivery robots (iBots) to their designated locations within the racking system. Maximum capacity 80 lbs.

Structure/ Racking

The racking system serves as the storage infrastructure where the totes are organized and stored based on their contents and destination. Each tote is placed in its designated slot within the racking system for easy retrieval and inventory management. 

Present Station

The iBots retrieve the item from designated tote in the storage racking and deliver it directly to the picker. Two stations can be present at each aisle for optimizing operations.

Opex Workstation (optional)

For seamless movement of inventory throughout the warehouse, the Opex automated Workstation conveys items with the simple push of a button, simplifying both the picking and restock processes.

Complete System

Streamline order fulfillment with this all-in-one solution—it’s a comprehensive order fulfillment machine that significantly increases storage capacity with minimal space requirements. Meeting high demands with faster, more accurate order processing.

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Available in 2 Configurations








Perfect Pick

Perfect Pick HD (High Density)

Min: 19.4 ft – Max: 204.9 ft

Min: 19.4 ft – Max: 204.9 ft

Min: 14.5 ft – Max: 32.5 ft

Min: 14.5 ft – Max: 32.5 ft

9 ft

14 ft

Up to 30

Up to 30

6,114 (8 in H Totes)

12,228 (8 in H Totes)

15,019 ft3

30,038 ft3

1,968 ft2

2,869 ft2


Increase floor space, inventory accuracy & productivity.

With a flexible design approach and a wide range of solutions available, we can tailor a system to suit your application. We also provide engineering & design, training, parts, inspections and preventative maintenance scheduling and 24-hour assistance.


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