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Rotomat® Storage Carousels

The Mechanics

The Hanel Rotomat® storage system is a dynamic solution that uses vertically rotating shelves to bring stored items to the system operator. Vertical Carousel Modules are a series of carriers attached in fixed locations to a chain drive. Movement is powered by two motors, which send the carriers in a vertical loop around a track in a back and forward motion using the same principle as a Ferris wheel. Goods are stored or retrieved through an ergonomically positioned access opening with a work counter.

Controllers & Software

Each Hanel Rotomat® comes complete with a controller that provides standalone functionality that can be configured through optional modules to meet client-specific needs and requirements, such as serial numbers, lot numbers and expiry dates. Where multiple machines are deployed, controllers can be networked together to provide visibility across the network of controllers and via a web browser on mobile devices, tablets, or PC’s. More information about controllers can be found here HanelSoft® Storage Software is available where further functionality is needed. 

Integration to Host Systems

An individual Rotomat® or network of Rotomats® can quite easily be integrated with a higher-level host ERP or WMS system. The web service-based technology enables a link between the host, (SAP for example) and the machine’s controller without the need for middleware.


Users can request items or specific shelves directly from the Controller. Transactions or orders can also be delivered to the network from a host system and processed at the controller. The controller locates the requested items, optimized sequentially for picking efficiency, and seamlessly rotates the carriers to present the needed shelf at the workstation for operator processing.

Rotomat® components

Rotomat Storage Carousel

1. Storage Carousel

Vertical carousel technology

2. Carrier Suspension

On 4-point sliding carriage principle

3. Internal Drive System

With two motors

4. Soft Start

With pole-switching motors

5. Access Point with V2A Work Counter


6. Ergonomic Safety Threshold Switch

Provides optimal personal protection

7. Light Barrier Curtains

Compliant with DIN EN 15095

8. HÄnel Micro-Processor Controllers

With Hänel Software solutions

9. Wiring Box

With centrally housed electrical components

For accurate positioning of shelf levels

For inventory protection

For inventory protection

With variable divides and inserts

For error-free retrieval 

50% more abrasion-resistant 

Mechanical Options

Carrier Configurations

Specialty Applications

Rotomat® Specifications


Increase floor space, inventory accuracy & productivity.

With a flexible design approach and a wide range solutions available, we can tailor a system to suit your application. We also provide engineering & design, training, parts, inspections and preventative maintenance scheduling and 24-hour assistance.