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Increased efficiency and space utilization with Automated Storage

Storing your product properly and securely is essential to operating at peak efficiency. Space can be lost if product is not properly stored and often we see companies using incorrect practices to store all types of items. With this in mind, automated storage can dramatically increase the storage efficiency by properly storing product within an enclosed unit. AS/AR machines have many options which can accompany any storage need, let us help you increase your space utilization.

Why Hänel? Hänel has been a trusted company since the 1950’s within the automated storage industry. cam|industrial aligns well with Hänel because we both strive to be innovative and continually strengthening the product lines we offer.

Secure VLM – Lockomat

The Hanel Lockomat is specifically designed for safe and secure storage and retrieval of important goods. Users need to provide authorization before accessing product and everything is tracked through a computer for a verification record. Commonly used in pharmaceutical and medical applications the Lockomat is the perfect storage options for any high value items.

Carousel Module – Rotomat

The Hanel Rotomat operates on a ferris wheel rotary system powered by two noise reducing motors. Shelves stocked with bins are then rotated around the system as needed by users. This storage solution can offer up to 60% more storage than shelving with the added benefits of enclosed, secure and organized product storage.

VLM – Lean Lift

The Lean Lift uses a computer controlled “Extractor” located in the center of two storage columns. This computer is able to access 2 columns of storage shelves that are able to store multiple sized products. These machines can offer over 60% more storage capacity than racking systems and are a great storage option for small parts and delicate product.

Multi Space

The Multi Space Hanel uses horizontal and vertical movement to store and retrieve products. These machines work well where multiple pick areas are needed or when picking stations don`t need to be on each column.

Looking to automate your storage?

There are many options available for automated storage with different proficiencies. Send us your specification and let our team assist in selecting the most efficient automated storage for your application.