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Machine Configuration Options

Machine sizing

See Lean-Lift specifications table for more information

High-Speed Extractor

This version is available featuring controlled fast acceleration and secure braking due to soft start control with a frequency converter.

Lift payload / kg
Vertical speed
2.3 m/s
500 kg
1.0 m/s
Lift payload / kg
Horizontal speed
500 kg
0.5 m/s

compartment indicator

An LED display can be integrated into the access opening. When an item is to be picked, the LED display is lit at the corresponding bin location across the workstation. The display identifies the left to right compartment number and the bin depth that the item is located in. This feature improves picking efficiency / speed and accuracy.

Hanel Pick-o-Light® system

This feature ensures maximum efficiency and reliable selection during order picking. A colored LED array is integrated into the panel above the access opening of the lift. The Hanel Pick-o-Light® with fixed raster can identify compartments of assorted sizes by lighting up the respective corner points. With the light positioned directly above the required bin, rather than on an angle, the exact bin can be identified and not be blocked by other items on the shelf. This ensures maximum efficiency and reliable selection during order picking.

Hanel Picture Control

Visual presentation of the container inventory with Hanel PictureControl, HanelSoft® and the new MP 14 N Controller. A camera is integrated into the storage system that photographs the shelf inventory, after every pick or put transactions. Multiple pictures per container are archived so that inventory changes on the container can be tracked and allocated to specific users.

Extended Safety Bypass (ESB)

The most common issue that results in machine downtime on all brands of VLM’s is due to safety sensor misalignment or failure. Extended Safety Bypass is a package that provides redundant and independent safety sensors that allow continued operation (in ESB mode) until a technician can be onsite to repair the condition or replace the sensor.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Wireless Augmented Reality and pick-by-voice for Hanel industrial systems. The storage system is operated remotely via AR eyeglasses – no other operator action is necessary. All relevant information is displayed in the data eyeglasses – system operation is initiated through Pick-by-Voice. Users can focus their full attention on the picking process without having to handle lists or paper notes. Hanel storage systems and AR optical devices can be linked to various ERP systems thanks to the SOAP interface.

Lean Lift Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality Head Set Viewer
Augmented Reality Head Set Viewer

Custom access opening height

The standard access opening height allows for the storage of items up to 35 inches tall. The opening can be increased to store taller items and can also be reduced (to provide more storage slots) if only very small parts are being stored. The maximum storage height for individual shelves is determined by the height of the access opening.

Multiple Access Opening

Lean-Lifts® can be designed with multiple access openings, which can be on opposite sides of the machine or at multiple elevations, for example receiving could be performed at an access opening on the ground level and the product could be picked on the 3rd floor for use in production or a laboratory.

Pallet Storage

This feature enables pallet storage where the Lean-Lift® access point is flush with floor and the system is equipped with a special extractor for pallet removal.

The pallets can also be accessed on different floors of a warehouse building. If pallets are to be removed with hand trucks or forklifts, the flush access opening of the Hanel system can be raised accordingly to accommodate such equipment. This makes it much easier to push hand trucks or forklifts under the system for easier pallet removal.

Pallet Storage

Shelf Configuration
& Customization

Vertical Lift






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