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Computer Cabinet Storage

Safeguarding your computer equipment is of utmost importance, especially in challenging work environments.

This range of dependable computer cabinets, complete with features such as roll-out shelves, monitor housing, and advanced security options, provides an optimal solution for ensuring the protection of your valuable assets. 

Designed to meet the highest standards of security and durability, these cabinets are engineered to withstand even the most demanding working conditions.


Robust Security System 

These computer cabinets are equipped with a robust security system, featuring locking double lower doors and an optimal hinge-lock bar, to assure that utmost security. 

Monitor Housing Protection 

These cabinets are designed with monitor housing that offers reliable protection for your equipment. Additionally, the hinged upper door features a viewing window that ensures the screen remains safe while allowing for convenient monitoring. 

Convenient Roll-Out Shelves 

The roll-out shelves are equipped with a foldaway keyboard tray, printer shelf, and one heavy-capacity lower shelf. This comprehensive design ensures that you can easily store all your essential equipment while providing the convenience of easy access.

Accessories For Optimal Usage 

Our computer cabinets are accompanied by a host of practical features that are essential for effective computer usage, including a multi-outlet power outlet, hideaway flipper doors, and reclosable tie-down strips. These added features serve to enhance the functionality and convenience of our cabinets, ensuring that our customers can utilize their equipment to their fullest potential.




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