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Mezzanine Cabinet Storage

The implementation of Mezzanine cabinet systems enables efficient utilization of vertical space within your current floor space, facilitating an increase in storage capacity without the need for facility expansion.

The steel mezzanine cabinet incorporates a walkway support system, heavy-duty grating, and stairs complete with a railing. Furthermore, each structure can be tailored to your facility’s traffic patterns and level of activity.  



MaxiMezz System

Optimize your floor space by implementing modular storage units stacked two levels high. This configuration offers safe and convenient access to all stored items, aided by the provision of stairs, railing, and elevated walkways. The system’s flexibility is evidenced by its ability to be customized to suit a diverse range of layouts. 

MiniMezz System 

This mezzanine cabinet system offers a unique configuration option for stacking various cabinet types into rows, allowing for efficient use of space. The provision of stairs enables easy access to the upper row of storage, which can be reached by walking directly on top of the mat-covered lower cabinets, eliminating the need for an additional walkway. 



 The Mezzanine Cabinet System provides an innovative solution for customers looking to maximize their use of vertical space while saving valuable floor space. 

CUSTOMIZATION: The system can be customized to suit customers’ specific needs and requirements, including incorporating various types of cabinets and shelving units to create a tailored storage solution. 

SAFETY: The system is designed with safety in mind, featuring stairs and railings to ensure easy and secure access to all levels of storage. 

ACCESSIBILITY: The Mezzanine Cabinet System allows for convenient access to all stored items, with elevated walkways and mat-covered lower cabinets facilitating easy movement and retrieval of stored items.  

DURABILITY: Built with high-quality materials, including heavy-duty steel, the Mezzanine Cabinet System is designed to withstand heavy loads and offer long-lasting durability. 

Overall, Mezzanine Cabinet Systems provides customers with an effective and efficient storage solution that maximizes space, enhances safety, and offers unparalleled accessibility and customization options.   


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