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Rollout Tray Cabinets

Our roll-out tray cabinets offer a unique design that enables the full extension of the trays, providing convenient access to your entire collection of stored items- even with a full load of up to 440 pounds. 

With exceptional durability, our roll-out tray cabinets provide a reliable and long-lasting storage solution for your heavy-duty items. Choose our roll-out tray cabinets for their efficient design and reliable functionality, and experience ease of access to all stored items. 



These roll-out tray cabinets feature an open tray front design that allows for easy removal of items, and a lockable door that closes flush over the trays for secure storage. This unique combination of design features ensures maximum accessibility to your stored items while providing a secure and safe storage solution for your valuables. 


Offering the flexibility of adjustable tray height to accommodate items of different sizes. This unique feature ensures that your storage solution can be tailored to your specific needs, providing a customizable and efficient storage solution for your workspace.


Maximize efficiency with enhanced visibility. Vidmar’s roll-out tray cabinets provide improves visibility of your stored items, making it easier and faster to locate and retrieve the items you need. The rollout tray design helps you to save valuable time and increase productivity. 



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