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Lifting Equipment

Lift heavyweight materials with ease

Warehouse operations become more complex as the size and weight of materials increases. Having the right lifting equipment for your day-to-day warehouse operations is of upmost importance.

Vacuum lifts, mechanical lifts, cranes and trolleys, scissor lifts and lift tables are excellent options to assist in the handling of large, awkward or heavyweight materials. Bring your material lifting and positioning challenges to us and let us find a solution that works for your application. 

Experience better logistics and workflow efficiency with the ideal lifting solution.


Ergonomic Lifting Solutions: Lift loads without requiring physical effort from the operator and eliminate risks associated with manually lifting such as back injuries and worker fatigue.

Safe Material Handling: Lifting equipment provide a secure and safe method of lifting and moving heavy loads that reduces the risk of dropping the load and cause damage or injury.

Protection for Inventory: Reduce damage to goods with lifting equipment that provides a secure hold and transport of loads.

Workspace Accessibility: Conveniently operate in confined space that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Efficient Heavy Load Handling: Speed up the process of moving heavy objects and increase efficiency and productivity.


Our Services & Contact

Before installing your lift equipment, our team will perform a thorough assessment and provide the necessary steps to ensure a successful setup. 

  • Site inspection and preparation 
  • Equipment assembly and installation
  • Electrical or mechanical connection and testing 
  • Safety inspections and compliance checks 
  • Operator training and instruction 
  • Final testing and commissioning 
  • *Engineering Stamp 
  • Documentation and certification.  

*Engineered Stamp Service available for setting up any heavy-duty lifting equipment. Our in-house engineers will assess and stamp your required capacity calculations for installation, ensuring that your lifting equipment is safe and secure. 

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Let us help with your material lifting requirements

If you’re unsure which type of lifting equipment is best suited for your application, we can help you choose the best and safest solution for your warehouse. Email us today to get the conversation started.