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Structural Mezzanine

Structural Mezzanine

A structural mezzanine is a standalone, self-supporting platform that provides businesses with an extra level of floor space for increased storage capacity. By doubling the usable area within a facility, structural mezzanines offer businesses the opportunity to store more inventory, supplies, or products efficiently. The customizable layout and design options allow for optimized storage arrangements, improved organizational workflows, and versatile usage of the additional floor space for various purposes. 

Quick turnaround for Concept Drawings with budgetary pricing:   

Our in-house team can deliver a prompt turnaround on concept designs with budgetary pricing, enabling you to envision your mezzanine solution sooner. 


  • Significant increase in storage capacity by adding an extra level of floor space.
  • Customizable layout and design options for optimized storage arrangements.
  • Improved organizational workflows and efficiency.
  • Versatile usage of additional floor space for various purposes.
  • Cost-effective solution for expanding storage capacity without the need for building expansions or relocations.
  • Enhanced inventory management and accessibility.
  • Streamlined operations and increased productivity.

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Cam Industrial, in collaboration with Cogan, excels in delivering premium-quality mezzanines with speed and flexibility. By merging our in-house expertise with Cogan’s cost-effective products, we provide a comprehensive solution, offering the ability to quickly generate concept designs, flexible budgeting, and professional installation services across Canada.


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