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S300XT Pallet Wrapper

Minimize bottlenecks for smooth, profitable flow of products.

Once a product has been produced, or an order has been picked, it requires packaging before it can be sent to its next or final destination. A typical packaging process breaks down into several individual steps, each with its own materials and labor requirements. An efficient packaging line will minimize bottlenecks, resulting in a relatively smooth flow of product and maximum throughput.

Where bottlenecks do occur, or where substantial labor is required for a particular process, packaging equipment is likely available to accomplish the task faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively. Finding the right equipment for your needs can be challenging considering the vast number of choices in the market. cam|industrial supply has the experience, expertise and customer focus to provide value added solutions that make financial sense and achieve the intended result.

Packaging Equipment Offerings

Pallet Wrappers

Pallet wrapping machines are able to accurately and in a timely manner, wrap industrial pallets for safe and proper transport of your goods.

Heat Shrink Systems

Shrink Tunnel

Heat shrink tunnels and L bar sealers can be used to wrap and heat shrink all varieties of products. Offering a large variety of tunnel sizes, L bar sealer sizes and shrink wrap types.

Case Formers / Sealers

Case formers and case sealers can dramatically increase productivity. These machines are capable of forming and sealing many boxes in as little time as possible.


Unsure which packaging equipment is best for your application?

There are a variety of packaging equipment options available to you. We can help you select the most efficient equipment based on your specifications to minimize congestion and increasing flow in your packaging line. Send us your requirements today to get the conversation started.