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Efficient and Effective Case Formers and Sealers

Case forming and sealing is an extremely labour intensive process when done manually. Numerous people and large amounts of space must be dedicated to forming, staging, and sealing boxes in order to keep up with production. These repetitive tasks can easily be performed faster and more accurately with proper equipment. With several options available, we are there to help assess your needs and determine the best solution.

Why Wexxar/Bel?
Wexxar /Bel has been manufacturing in Western Canada since 1977. Their focus has always been on quality, innovation, and service which strongly aligns with our philosophy and values, making them a strong business partner.

Automatic Case Formers

Automatic case machines are able to make a box from scratch. These machines will grab, assemble, tape and open your boxes for the next step. All machines are very similar with differences only in the speed and amount of boxes that can be completed.

Semi Auto Case Formers

These machines do the exact same thing as the automatic case formers but at a slower pace. Having the proper machines for your budget and operational needs is key. If you only need to complete a small amount of boxes each day one of these will work fine.

  • Bel 505 G3 - Semi Auto Case Former

  • Bel 505 - Semi Auto Case Former

  • Bel 505 XL - Semi Auto Case Former

  • Bel 507 - Semi Auto Case Former

  • Semi Automatic Case Former Bel 507 XL

  • Bel G4 - Semi Auto Case Former

Case Sealers

These machines are the final stop in your corrugate box construction. At this stage your box has been opened, folded, filled and is ready to be closed. Choose the method on which you would like to seal your box and your ready to complete the process.

unsure which Forming and sealing Equipment is best for your application?

There are a variety of packaging equipment options available to you. We can help you select the most efficient equipment based on your specifications to minimize congestion and increasing flow in your packaging line. Send us your requirements today to get the conversation started.