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Shrink Wrap Equipment S-2300

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Proper packaging ensures your customer receives their product as intended. Heat shrink tunnels are a great choice to properly enclose large numbers of product at a low labor cost. Depending on your industry, specific films can be used that adhere to safety and health standards while reaping the rewards of heat sealing technology.

Shrink Tunnel

  • Shrink Wrap Model T 2213


    Heat Shrink T 3613-64

L Bar Sealer

  • Shrink Wrap Equipment
  • S-2330 Shrink Wrap
  • S 3200 Shrink Wrap

Automatic Sealer

  • AS-2024-AC


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Why Seal-A-Tron?
Seal-A-Tron is an industry leader for innovation and usability. Their machines are offered in multiple sizes which allows for customers to get specific packaging results. cam|industrial works closely with Seal-A-Tron to bring the end user the best possible packaging solution in every situation.

The two most common shrink films from Bollore currently are the BZ and BRX models. These films are Cross Hyphen Linked, which is a radiation enhancing method used on shrink film. This creates a stronger yet thinner film that can be used in multiple instances.

BZ – The BZ film type is more aggressive and can withstand situations that require high film durability. Its best for wrapping multiple items such as food tins, miscellaneous packages or heavy items.

BRX – This film type is softer and lighter. It is used for items that could be damaged in the packaging process. This film is superior in wrapping bundles of paper, vegetables and lighter more delicate items.


Unsure which Heat Shrink System is best for your application?

There are a variety of packaging equipment options available to you. We can help you select the most efficient equipment based on your specifications to minimize congestion and increasing flow in your packaging line. Send us your requirements today to get the conversation started.