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Pallet Wrappers For Securing Products and Reducing Damage 

You often see product that is damaged during transport or storage due to improper packaging and palletizing. These damages are preventable and can be avoided by proper load containment. 

Securing products effectively and efficiently reduces damages during transportation. Pallet wrappers decrease the overall time it takes to wrap pallets while keeping high consistency. With extensive customizable options on each pallet wrapper model, you can optimize your machine to meet your specific load requirements. 

Our Pallet Wrapper Offerings

Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper

Semi-Automatic pallet wrappers are the most affordable machines offered by cam|industrial and Lantech. Depending on the model selected you can wrap anywhere from 25-40 pallets an hour. The Q and G series machines are durable and can dramatically increase the speed and consistency of pallet wrapping.

Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapper

Fully automatic stretch wrappers can reach up to 200 pallets per an hour, wrapping each with consistency and precision. These machines are commonly rotary arm design but there are other options offered. If your company is processing hundreds of pallets a day, you need a fully automatic wrapper in your process line.

LINC­™ | Lantech Intelligent Network Connection™

The LINC™ subscription is a Machine Data Visibility Solution that allows subscribers to monitor machine and data performance in real time from multiple devices. LINC™ is available on all new L-Series Automatic machine.

LINC™ allows customers to:

  • Know valuable data in real time
  • See alerts and alarms from anywhere
  • Monitor machine operation and performance

With end-to-end encryption and confidentiality, data is accessed only by authorized users in an encrypted form.


Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper Automation Options

XT CUT and Clamp 5.0

XT Cut and Clamp

The XT Cut and Clamp 5.0 attaches to the film at the beginning of the cycle and cuts it at the end so the forklift driver never has to leave the forklift, thus increasing efficiency and safety.

Pallet grip

Pallet Grip

The Pallet Grip wraps the base of your product, creating a strong hold at the base of the load that doesn’t interfere with the forks of the forklift. Keep your product in place during transit. 

EZ Weigh Integrated Scale

Ez Weigh Integrated Scale

Never over estimate or provide an inaccurate freight weight again. Save time by wrapping and weighing loads can save you up to 1.5 minutes per load. 

Load Guardian

Lantech Load Guardian

Load Guardian determines the settings for a safe-to-ship load, reducing the operator skill needed to effectively stretch wrap loads. Enter a load characteristic at the push of a button. 


Our Partnership

Lantech has been in the packaging business for over 50 years and is widely recognized as the world’s leader in stretch wrapping technologies. Brothers Pat and Bill Lancaster invented the first rotary stretch wrap machine and founded Lantech in 1972. Since then, the company has continuously evolved and improved the functionality of its machines to remain the industry leader. 

Cam Industrial pairs well with Lantech based on the key principle to bring the end user the most efficient and competitively priced machines for any situation. Cam Industrial has proudly represented Lantech in Canada for over 15 years and look forward to a strong partnership.


Unsure which Pallet Wrapper is best for your application?

There are a variety of pallet wrapping options available to you. We can help you select the most efficient equipment based on your specifications to minimize congestion and increasing flow in your packaging line. Send us your requirements today to get the conversation started.