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Pallet Racking Components

Components To Build Your Complete Racking System

You can find every racking component and accessory needed to build a complete and safe pallet rack system, or add to an existing system, right here. 

With over 40 years of material handling experience, we are well-established and can support Canadian or US roll-formed brand or profile including; Redirack, Unirack, Maxirack, Cupic, Centennial, Mastorak, Interlake, Teardrop, and Speedrack. Components for Structural Rack are also available. 

The choice of your pallet racking style depends on various factors, including the type of goods you store, the volume of inventory, accessibility requirements, stock rotation, and available warehouse space. It is advisable to consult with a pallet racking expert or supplier who can assess your specific needs and recommend the most suitable style for your business. 


Rack Brand Identifier

To ensure compatibility and maintain capacity when adding pallet rack beams to an existing system, it is essential to identify the current brand. As qualified dealers for several manufacturers, we can support most brands with additional parts and accessories, both Canadian and US-made.

Pallet Racking Safety Components List

We have a large inventory of Redirack compatible pallet rack frame components in-stock and ready to assemble into the size and configuration you require. 

We have a large inventory of Redirackcompatible beams for immediate shipment. Redirack style racking is the most common style found in many areas within Canada.

Pallet rack row spacers are often referred to and listed as an accessory. However, they are a necessary and important structural design element, providing several benefits.

Pallet rack safety bars prevent pallets from accidentally falling through the spacing between beams in a racking system and are an important part of designing and operating a safe storage system.

Pallet rack safety pins, also known as beam locks or connector locks, are used to fasten beams to a frame and prevent beams from being accidentally dislodged by the forklift. Each beam connector should have a safety pin beam to ensure the safety of your pallet racking.

Made of durable steel or plastic, pallet rack shims are used to level racking end frames to within the manufacturer’s and CSA’s allowable tolerances, improving the safety of your racking system.                                                                                                   

Pallet rack anchors are used to fasten the baseplates of the rack column/ post to the concrete slab in your warehouse. Anchors improve the safety of the system by creating stability and are engineered to prevent overturn in the event of impact or seismic activity. 

Install a protective deck on your racking to provide extra strength and safety. There are two main pallet rack wire decking styles: Waterfall and flush mount. Options for wire decking supports include standard channel, inverted channel, and standard flange.                

Pallet rack post protectors improve the safety of the system by shielding the frame from damages by deflecting or absorbing potential impacts. Protecting the racking structure is strongly recommended as a safety precaution and is an OHS requirement in many provinces.                              

Pallet rack row end protectors are anchored in place at the end of a row of racking, or within tunnel bays, to shield these high traffic and frequent collision sections from forklift damage. Protecting the racking structure from damages is strongly recommended as a safety precaution and is an OHS requirement in many provinces.

Netting and fencing is primarily used to prevent product from falling off the back of a racking section and into pedestrian walkways.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

M Rack Dividers Cam Industrial

Rack dividers are components designed to segment and separate items on racking storage systems, facilitating easier access, inventory management, and overall workspace organization.

Fork Entry Bars

Fork Entry Bar

Fork entry bars are used for products that require flat storage orientation without the use of pallets, enabling forklifts to easily load and unload pallets while ensuring safe and efficient warehouse operations.                                                                                                                                                   

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