Double Deep Pallet Racking Systems

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Double Deep Pallet Racking Systems

Double deep pallet racking looks very similar to selective racking but is stored two units deep instead of one, providing a higher storage density. A specialized Pantograph Reach Truck with scissor fork extensions are typically used to store and retrieve pallets on the inner pallet position in the pallet racking system.

Double Deep Pallet Racking is best suited for SKUs with several pallets of inventory that are not highly perishable and do not require FIFO inventory rotation.

How does Double Deep Pallet Racking compare to other options?

Double Deep Comparison Chart


  • Density: Fewer aisles are required, providing as much as 33% more pallet positions than selective racking in the same square footage
  • Investment: Moderate increase in pallet racking system cost over selective systems
  • Installation: Easiest to install with lower tolerances


  • Selectivity: Reduced by up to 50% when the front location is occupied (must remove front pallet to access inner pallet)
  • Inventory Rotation: Last In, First Out (LIFO) storage system since the last pallet loaded must be removed before the rear pallet is available
  • Honeycombing: For maximum efficiency, each lane of two-deep pallet positions should contain the same SKU. The rear pallet position is loaded first. If a second pallet of the same SKU is not available for the front pallet position, it is typically left empty rather than filling it with a different SKU. As the number of open but not available front pallet positions increase the actual density of the system is reduced. When a different SKU is loaded in the front pallet position, additional material handling time is required to remove the front pallet to access the rear pallet
  • Material Handling Equipment: Specialized reach trucks or forklifts are required
  • Visibility: The forklift operator has limited visibility when storing and retrieving the inner pallet, particularly at higher elevations
  • Loading: Trailers cannot be loaded or unloaded with reach trucks so a separate forklift or electric pallet jack is required

Double Deep Racking Layout Dimensions and Equipment Considerations

  • Floor Slab: The capacity and levelness of the slab are typically not an issue
  • Selective racking can be designed into a double deep system layout

Do you need components or design help with a double deep pallet racking system?

We can help with design, product selection, and components from our existing inventory. Email us with the details and we’ll get back to you with more information.