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Adding to an Existing Rack System?

In Canada there are many brands of pallet racking in the field. When adding pallet rack beams to an existing system, it is important to properly identify your current brand to ensure compatibility and to maintain capacity. See our Rack Brand Identifier page to see the most popular Canadian brands of racking. If you don’t see your brand on this page, then please check here for the most common USA produced brands. As a qualified dealer for several manufacturers, we are able to support most brands with additional components and accessories, if that is what you require.

In-Stock Pallet Rack Beams

We have a large inventory of Redirack® compatible beams for immediate shipment. Several companies in Canada manufacture Redirack® style racking and it is the most common rack style found in many areas within the country.

Pallet Rack Beams are available in two primary types, Step or Box. In general, Step type beams offer more versatility and a better fit for accessories, (snap-in safety bars, flush mount mesh decks, etc.) whereas Box type beams provide greater capacity. Our Step Beams are slotted to provide a positive mechanical connection with snap-in safety bars which prevents the safety bars from movement.

In-Stock Pallet Racking Beams – Roll Formed

Item NumberTypeNominal Length*Face HeightGaugeCapacity/pairDimensional Drawings (click to view full size)Weight lbs./ea.
64795Step, Slotted96″4″145,450 lbs.
  • Pallet Rack Beam USBO1440096_2a
  • Pallet rack beam USBO1440096_3a
  • Pallet rack beam USBO1440096_4a
  • Pallet rack beam USBO1440096_5a
64860Step, Slotted108″5″146,850 lbs.
  • Pallet rack beam USBO1445108_2a
  • Pallet rack beam USBO1445108_3a
  • Pallet rack beam USBO1445108_4a
  • Pallet rack beam USBO1450108_5a
64780Step, Slotted120″5″146,150 lbs.
  • Pallet rack beam 64780-USBO1450120
64790Step, Slotted144″6″146,850 lbs.
  • Pallet rack beam 64790-USBO1460144
*Actual length is +1/4″

There are two types of roll formed pallet rack beams available:


These beams provide an interior ledge that can be used for supporting accessories such as wire mesh decks and safety bars. The ledge allows the accessories to be mounted flush to the top of the beam. The ledge can also be slotted to provide secure placement of safety bars that snap into place into the beam slots.


Without the interior ledge for support, safety bars and mesh decks must partially hang over the front of the beam face.

Structural beams can only be used in conjunction with structural frames. Structural safety bars or pallet supports can be mounted inside the structural channel.

Structural Type Pallet Rack Beam

Structural vs. Roll Formed Racking

Pallet racking is available in two basic types according to the type of steel used. Roll formed racking is produced with lighter gauge cold rolled steel whereas structural racking is produced with heavier gauge hot rolled steel.

Click here for a comparison between Roll Formed and Structural Racking.


Do you need help selecting the right pallet rack beams? 

Whether you require a new pallet racking system or are adding to existing racking, we can help. 

Our experts can help you choose the smartest and safest options for your application, provide engineered solutions, install and repair or relocation services. Email us today to start the conversation.