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Pallet Rack Frames

We have a large inventory of Redirack® compatible frame components in-stock and ready to assemble into the size and configuration you require. All in-stock frame posts are constructed from 13-gauge roll formed steel, however other gauges, capacities, and frame sizes are available upon request.

They are fundamental structural components of pallet racking systems, providing vertical support and stability for storing palletized goods. They form the upright columns that support horizontal beams, creating storage levels for pallets to be placed. Frames are crucial for optimizing warehouse space and facilitating efficient material handling operations.

Post Height Frame WidthItem No. Frame WidthItem No. Frame WidthItem No. Frame WidthItem No.
84″ 24″67907 36″66017 42″65790 48″67691
96″ 24″65344 36″65006 42″69490 48″65479
108″ 24″67908 36″67277 42″69489 48″67914
120″ 24″67139 36″65005 42″69488 48″64510
144″ 24″65651 36″65489 42″69487 48″66083
168″ 24″67909 36″65956 42″69486 48″65444
192″ 24″66273 36″65447 42″69485 48″65523
216″ 24″67910 36″67913 42″69484 48″67267
240″ 24″66014 36″65521 42″69483 48″65522
288″ 24″67911 36″65791 42″69481 48″67687
Pallet Rack Frames


  • Warehousing and Distribution Centers: Integral for maximizing storage capacity and efficiently organizing inventory in warehouse and distribution operations.

  • Manufacturing Facilities: Support the storage of raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods, optimizing space utilization and facilitating streamlined production processes.

  • Retail and Wholesale Operations: Ideal for storing merchandise and inventory in retail and wholesale distribution centers, enabling efficient order fulfillment and inventory management.

Adding to an Existing Rack System?

In Canada there are many brands of pallet racking in the field. When adding to an existing system, it is important to properly identify your current brand to ensure compatibility and to maintain capacity. See our Rack Brand Identifier page to see the most popular Canadian brands of racking. If you don’t see your brand on this page, then please check here for the most common USA produced brands. As a qualified dealer for several manufacturers, we are able to support most every brand with additional components and accessories, if that is what you require.

Ask Us First 

Types of End Frames

Bolted vs. Welded Pallet Rack End Frames

Pallet racking frames in North America were traditionally constructed by welding the bracing to the posts, whereas the rest of the world has traditionally fastened the bracing to the posts with bolts. When bolted frames were first introduced to North America, there was a lot of debate and controversy. Today most North American manufactures offer their end frames with either a bolted or welded construction and the controversy has mostly disappeared. The conversion and growth of bolted end frame construction in North America is due to the advantages of this construction. Both types are available upon request.

Bolted Pallet Rack End Frames

Bolted pallet rack frame

Advantages of Bolt Together End Frames:

    1. Less expensive to construct, as welders are not required
    2. Faster to construct, bolting vs. welding
    3. Less expensive to transport if shipped “knocked down”
    4. Easier and less expensive to repair
    5. Easier to customize to specialized sizes
    6. Structurally equivalent by engineers
    7. Structurally superior in seismic conditions

Considerations of Bolt Together End Frames:

    1. More on-site staging area required
    2. Longer on-site construction time
    3. More components to manage
    4. Quality control required on assembly

Welded Pallet Rack End Frames


Advantages of Welded End Frames:

    1. Welding adds structural stability by joining components together.
    2. Uniform appearance results from the welding process.
    3. Long-lasting durability is achieved through welding the components together.

Considerations of Welded End Frames:

    1. Installation: Requires specialized equipment and skilled labour.
    2. Modification: Welded frames can be less flexible for alterations.
    3. Repair: Professional welding may be needed for repairs.
    4. Capacity: Careful engineering is crucial for specific load support.
    5. Seismic: Consideration for earthquake-prone regions.
    6. Long-Term: Initial higher costs may offer superior durability.

Key Features

  • Vertical Support:
    • Frames serve as the vertical support structure of pallet racking systems, bearing the weight of palletized goods and distributing it evenly across the storage system.
  • Configurable Design:
    • Frames are available in various heights, depths, and configurations to accommodate different warehouse layouts and storage requirements.
  • Adjustable Beam Levels:
    • Frames allow for the installation of horizontal beams at multiple levels, providing flexibility in storing pallets of varying sizes and weights.
  • Durable Construction:
    • Constructed from heavy-duty steel or other high-strength materials, frames offer exceptional durability and resistance to structural deformation, ensuring long-term stability and reliability.

Do you need help selecting the right frames for your pallet racks? 

Whether you require a new pallet racking system or are adding to existing racking, we can help. 

Our experts can help you choose the smartest and safest options for your application, provide engineered solutions, install, and repair or relocation services. Email us today to start the conversation.