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Protect your Pallet Racking with Row End Protection

Pallet Rack Row End Protectors allow you to shield against damage to the base of your racking and pallets from incidental forklift and warehouse collisions, especially in narrow aisle applications. Maintain the structural integrity of your pallet racking with row end protectors from cam|industrial.

The row ends in your pallet rack system see an increased amount of equipment traffic and businesses are legally obligated to ensure the protection of their racking in accordance with OHS Safety Code:

Part 12, Section 187(4) “The employer and the workers at a work site must take all reasonable steps to prevent storage racks from being damaged to an extent that their integrity as structures is compromised.” 

We offer round or formed end row guards in a variety of sizes, painted safety yellow to ensure your racking system is safe and fully protected.

Row End Protectors

Item No.DescriptionLDHTAnchor Holes
66759Steel Angle with Mitered Ends36″4″6″3/8″3
66584Steel Angle with Mitered Ends39″4″6″3/8″3
65553Steel Angle with Mitered Ends42″4″6″3/8″3
66986Steel Angle with Mitered Ends48″4″6″3/8″3
66987Steel Angle with Mitered Ends60″4″6″3/8″4
66531Steel Angle with Mitered Ends78″4″6″3/8″5
66492Steel Angle with Mitered Ends82″4″6″3/8″5
66760Steel Angle with Mitered Ends86″4″6″3/8″5
64910Steel Angle with Mitered Ends90″4″6″3/8″5
65658Steel Angle with Mitered Ends94″4″6″3/8″5
65554Steel Angle with Mitered Ends96″4″6″3/8″5
67829Steel Angle with Mitered Ends100″4″6″3/8″5
65555Steel Angle with Mitered Ends102″4″6″3/8″5
64839Steel Angle with Mitered Ends104″4″6″3/8″5
66530Steel Angle with Mitered Ends106″4″6″3/8″6
66420Steel Angle with Mitered Ends108″4″6″3/8″6
66585Steel Angle with Mitered Ends118″4″6″3/8″6
66421Steel Angle with Mitered Ends132″4″6″3/8″7
66481Steel Angle with Mitered Ends144″4″6″3/8″8
66583Steel Angle with Mitered Ends172″4″6″3/8″8

Asset Protection

Warehouses are designed to maximize storage density, resulting in designers minimizing aisle widths to gain pallet positions. At the same time, forklift drivers are trying to meet schedules, deadlines, and productivity targets. Despite forklifts drivers doing their very best to be safe, forklifts are large, heavy, and very unforgiving when it comes to pallet racking.

The reality is that collisions with the racking structure are virtually inevitable. Damaged components should be unloaded and inspected by a qualified person before being put back into service, temporarily reducing storage capacity. If you need to replace or repair components, it can be a time consuming and expensive proposition. For these reasons, it makes good business sense to protect your assets.


A single small impact to an end-frame should not cause a collapse in a properly designed racking structure. Engineers design racking end-frames with safety factors and to absorb minor impact, however all damages will reduce the capacity of the frame. A single substantial impact accumulated smaller damages to the same frame, or multiple damaged frames in the same system, could render the system unstable and vulnerable to collapse.


Do you need help selecting the right protection for your pallet racking?

cam|industrial has over 40 years’ experience and the expertise to guide you through selecting the right pallet rack post protectors. 

Our team can help you choose the smartest and safety options for your application, provide engineered solutions, install and repair or relocation services. Email us today to start the conversation.