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Pallet Rack Row Spacers

Pallet rack row spacers are often referred to and listed as an accessory. However, they are a necessary and important structural design element, providing several benefits.

    1. They increase the stability of the structure. By connecting two independent racking rows they create a single structure with a wider base
    2. They help transfer and mitigate impact forces
    3. They create and maintain a necessary flue space to meet fire regulations
    4. They provide uniform spacing between back to back rows

According to CSA, the height of a pallet racking structure must not exceed six times its depth. Using this factor, a 36 in. deep frame should be no higher than 18 feet, 42 in. deep frame should be no higher than 21 feet, and a 48 in. deep frame should be no higher than 24 feet. By joining two rows of 42 in. rack with a 12 in. row spacer, the overall depth becomes 42+12+42 = 96 which would allow for 48 feet in height.

Even when the structure height is less than 6:1 of its depth it is highly recommended to use pallet rack row spacers to connect back to back rows. Single rows of racking are generally discouraged and when used they should be secured to the foundation with additional anchors. The higher the frames, the more connections required.

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65160Hardware Set
Pallet rack row spacer



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