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Pallet Rack Shims

Made of durable steel or plastic, pallet rack shims are used to level a section of the pallet racking or fill gaps between your uprights and floor, to create balance, stability and safety for your racking system.

In-Stock Shims

Item NumberDescriptionSize W X D in. Thickness in.MaterialImage (click to view full size)
67518Shim Plateup to 8 X 81/16Plastic
66081Shim Plateup to 8 X 81/8Plastic
65175Shim Plate3.5 X 4.51/16Steel
65271Shim Plate3.5 X 4.51/8Steel
64463Shim Plate4 X 4.51/8Steel
62488Shim Plate3.5 X 43/16Steel
66499Shim Plate3.5 X 63/16Steel
67506Shim Plate6 X 41/8Steel
66660Shim Plate6 X 41/4Steel

We can help with all your pallet rack shim requirements.

Whether you require a new pallet racking system or are adding to existing racking, we can help. 

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