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Pallet Rack Wire Decking

There are two main pallet rack wire decking styles: waterfall and flush mount.  Options for wire decking supports include standard channel, inverted channel, and standard flange. Wire mesh decking is designed for safety to meet fire code requirements and allows for dust and dirt to collect below your racking instead of on the shelves. 

Pallet Rack Wire Decking - Styles

Waterfall (Shown with standard channel supports)

The front and back of this decking style have a “waterfall” edge that overlaps the beam and helps keep the decking in place. This style of decking can be used with all types of beams, i.e.  box, step, and structural.

Flush Mount, or Inside Waterfall

This style of decking provides a cleaner look and leaves the beam face open for labeling. It can only be used with step beams.

Pallet Rack Wire Decking – Support Types

Standard Flange

This is the most common type of channel used to support mesh decking. In all cases, the support is welded to the mesh deck to provide additional capacity. This type of support can be used with all beam types, box, step, and structural. The end of the channel is open and flared, enabling it to sit between the decking and the beam.

Standard Channel

The end of the standard channel decking support is cut square and is designed to be used with step beams. The channel rests on the beam step.

Inverted Channels

Support channels can be inverted to solve the problem of dirt and debris build up that can occur with standard supports. This style typically provides less capacity but is common in industries like food storage where cleanliness is a concern.


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