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Cantilever Roll Out Rack

For safe storage and easy access to longer tubular inventory, such as bars and pipes, the Cantilever Roll Out Rack is the preferred storage rack option. Choose between two options based on the quantity required for your operations: the Double Roll Out and Single Roll Out Cantilever Rack. 

Common Applications: 

  • Steel 
  • Pipe 
  • Lumber 
  • Column & beam 
  • Bar stock 
  • Tubing  

Cantilever Options: Single-Sided or Double-Sided

Single Arm Cantilever Roll Out Rack

The Roll Out Single Sided Cantilever Rack optimizes warehouse space with its efficient single-sided design, ensuring easy access and visibility for stored items. Its sturdy construction enhances workplace safety by reducing the risk of accidents and injuries associated with retrieving bulky inventory. 

With versatile customization options and minimal maintenance requirements, it stands as a durable and cost-effective solution for storing long and heavy items in various industries.

Double Arm Cantilever Roll Out Rack

The Double Sided Cantilever Rack doubles storage capacity by allowing storage on both sides, optimizing warehouse space and improving efficiency. Its design facilitates easy access and visibility from multiple angles, enhancing inventory management and retrieval processes. 

With customizable features, and minimal maintenance requirements, the Double Sided Cantilever Rack offers a versatile and durable solution for storing long, heavy, and irregularly shaped items in diverse industrial settings.


  • Full Accessibility:

    • With drawers opening fully, find and reach the furthest materials on the rack sooner. 
    • Adjustable divider pins enhance sorting. 
    • Overhead lifting becomes easier with enhanced accessibility on all levels. 
    • The rack has wind-up handles to help access the inventory on the cantilever arm you need. 
  • Accessories:

    • Adjustable divider pins for better organization 
    • Trays for shorter tubular materials 
    • Wind-up handles to aid in accessing inventory on the cantilever arm
  • Rack Modularity:

    • Easily convert between single and double units. 
    • The drawer height can be adjusted every 3 inches. 
    • Add or remove arms or adjust arm levels. 
    • Columns can be added on for extra-long material. 
    • Trays are available for shorter tubular materials. 

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