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Honeycomb Rack

The honeycomb rack is the ideal solution for storing long, flat or tubular materials with the advantage of quick access and storage.

Fully customized with each application, the honeycomb rack is designed in modular construction, allowing it to be extended into unlimited adjustable slots. With a mobile trolley, it can be loaded easily and quickly. This system creates optimal use of the available space, thanks to its compact dimensions. Material can be added to any level at any time and can be developed as demand grows. 

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  • Racking capacity:

    Up to 7000-lb per slot

  • Racking Modularity:

    Unlimited length with variable slot width and height.

  • Upright Compatibility:

    Wide range of uprights are compatible. 

  • Time Efficient:

    Prompt inventory loading when bundled by a bridge crane.

Honeycomb Rack - Specifications

Honeycomb rack specification

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