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Roll Out Sheet Rack

The roll-out Sheet Racks are tailored for efficient storage of sheet-like materials. A single rack comprises of up to 13 drawers with rear loading standard for all models.

Effortlessly customize it to meet your unique storage needs by adding, removing, and reconfiguring drawers to enhance access to sheet materials. 

Our team can seamlessly integrate this storage solution into your facility. Contact us today. 

Frame Options: Fixed, Hinged, or Hybrid

Fixed Frame

Roll Out Sheet Rack Fixed Frames offer support for storing sheets in warehouses. They stay in place securely, making sure materials are safe. With their easy roll-out feature, these frames help organize inventory and use space efficiently.

  • Frames are bolted to the ground
  • Fixed design for continuous access, making it easy to slide out sheets.
  • Takes up floor space
  • Closure not available

Hinged Frame

Hinged Frame Sheet Racks provide flexible storage solutions in warehouses. Their hinged design allows easy access to stored materials while ensuring stability when closed. These racks optimize space utilization and simplify inventory management with their convenient design.

  • Can be double hinged or single hinged
  • Frames swing out to open or close via hinge. 
  • When closed: 
    • Recovers floor space. 
    • Prevents material movement. 
    • Prevents unauthorized access

Hybrid Frame

Hybrid Frame Sheet Racks combine the benefits of fixed and hinged designs for versatile warehouse storage. Offering both stability and accessibility, these frames accommodate various storage needs efficiently. With their hybrid functionality, they optimize space usage and enhance inventory management, ensuring smooth operations in busy warehouses.

  • Selective access to some product between 2 sections: 
    • Upper section – no frame 
    • Lower section – fixed frames  


  • Drawer Capacity:

    Up to 5000 pounds for Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL).

  • Custom & Modular:

    Easily add, remove, or reconfigure drawers; combine fixed levels and drawers within the same rack.

  • Safe Transfer:

    Minimize manual handling of heavy sheets and reduce the risk of material damage.

  • Time Efficient:

    Streamline material change-over by eliminating the need for a forklift driver.

Roll Out Sheet Rack - Specifications

Roll Out Sheet Rack Specification